Onslaught - your opinion

  • I love it
  • I hate it

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Onslaught event 2x this week =/

Neither, I’m in the middle but guess I gotta pick the “hate” option since the only rewards are connected with leagues.


I don’t hate it, but I don’t like the current state of it, and the fact, I have to check my phone even more time :confused:

Edit: I lost the cake :frowning: MY CAKE :frowning:


When this gets moved,will the poll go with it?


Boring event :sleeping::unamused:


Best part it the league trophies that are basically unobtainable in territories in my region


Best part is the forum mods stealth merging all the threads with negative feedback and then nuking all the feedback in one go…


Our enemie will know my team defense =/
… undermines our strategy


I chose “Hate” out of the two options , it could be good but needs a LOT of changes .I
I’d post my suggestions but it’s obvious from the changes made since Beta that they don’t actually listen to the players so why waste my time again


This seems to be an attempt to distract players from the highly unpopular game changes they have made: removal of gear specific farmable gear maps, the shortening of events whether war, SR or level up, and the plethora of new pay for toons far outpacing and overpowering legacy 6☆.


Uma bosta


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