Onslaught - uber early thoughts


Ok, so there’s already an Onslaught of Onslaught reviews with lots of obvious “this is shit” comments, etc.

Here’s my thoughts:

  • 7 hits with no regeneration is stingy.
  • charging 50 coins for one hit is excessive (then 200 apparently). 500 coins for 3 hits for a faction seems best value for money but not sure how many gonna be willing to do that.
  • ok so it seems to be pure faction based but it would be far more useful and interesting if we could see individual statistics.
  • it would also be good to see who is paying for factions regens as I imagine some factions (“whales”) might want to share the load.
  • would also be good if each raid affected individual league scores as well as faction.
  • short time frame for battles seems a bit sucky as players will miss out due to being asleep for example
  • I don’t think rewards are as bad as people are making out but sure they could be better.
  • It does appear to be a bit of a cash grab.
  • Pretty boring.

I’m trying to keep an open mind as this is still the first battle and it may get better as it progresses. Hopefully Scopely will make improvements in future anyway.


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