Onslaught to start 1am edt 6am UK?

I had to double take when I saw this start time.

It appears to be ill advised as 1am edt ppl are asleep and if they are able to work they aren’t going to stay up for the start of this. Same with it starting 6am UK time. Ppl are sleep or waking up preparing for their work day or sorting out kids etc.

I think @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger as a suggestion it might be helpful to actually directly ask your customers what are the best times for events to start, especially during the weekday because we do have lives or maybe ask yourself if it’s something you would do?


Problem is if the time works best for you, it probably won’t work best for people living halfway across the world. There is no set time that works best for everyone.


Idk. Sure anytime isnt ideal for everyone but I’m not sure many people had an issue with for examples 5pm edt 10pm UK. So at least US edt guys wouldn’t be asleep and UK etc could fit in a couple before bed time.

Again I think Scopely directly asking their customers so they can get a good idea of what works better most of the time, wouldn’t do any harm, shows that they know it’s a concern, but most of all that they are trying. Think as long as we see those things we would be more forgiving.

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agreed, its very odd ball time… but worst yet the end time…

Faction Onslaught (Wednesday 7/8/20 10:00 PM PDT – Friday 7/3/20 10:00 PM PDT)

Seems we are working our way back in time to the 3rd.

Most likely a majority of the player base is in the US, so if they were to ask their customers what times wrk best, I’m not surprised that most people would say the current time of which events start/end work best.

So there is a 5 hour window where war and onslaught overlap? Yeah, I can see all kind of fuckery, bugs, and mishaps happening Friday night :joy:


That makes even less sense.
if that was the reason, why would they start it at 1am edt, and 10pm pdt? that pretty much guarantees the US folks wont play the beginning.
I am in the US and wont be staying up to 1 am just to get 1 onslaught in.

I agree with you especially if they also have to launch the update before war begins for the revamped towers.

Can anyone say constant crashes and lockouts? I sure can. :laughing:

Also, a west coast start time of 10 pm / east coast 1 am is beyond stupid but these days that’s exactly and only what I expect from couples.

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I am just hoping for some good ‘gate’ i can finally take part in.


Euros haven’t a descent start time in 6 months :-1:


Lol nm… according to VK, it starts at 4pm pdt…


another fail by our wonderful dev team

It’s honestly even worst for me…3 am rip

Most events end at 7pm EST and 8pm EST. (1hour buffer between each)

Clearly this Onslaught is an exception to the usual time, or the time listed on the calendar is incorrect. (Both have happened before.)

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Well for us that would be a 5 pm start time, on a work day no less! So perhaps, just this one time, they are throwing us Kiwi, Aussie and Japanese players a bone.


No actually, I have changed my mind, I think you are right, they have duffed up the Calendar, the graphics show Onslaught starting straight after Solo survival road finishes.

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They just don’t care for Europe players, they never did

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Calendar graphics are meh reliable too lol… I mean look at onslaught start/end date… it starts today, but ends on 7/3. Lol, we going back into time

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That’s so not true. They want the money in your wallet just as much as they do with the Americans. :wink:


You spoke too soon lol. No bonuses for you Pacificans