Onslaught suggestion


In faction onslaught, It would be nice to know if my current team has had any defends or if it’s just that no one from the other faction has tried to hit it yet . this would make the regroup phase more useful, I would be able to tell if my team is working, or I need an adjustment.


This thread should just say make it worth while because as of now it is not


yeah I agree with this, I would definitely like more stats like that.


Onslaught is not as terrible as it was when first launched. The mod drops seem worth the attempt, and it’s good practice for different attack teams. Another problem I found is in period 3 both factions had no lives left 3 minutes in, we then had to wait the rest of the period when Niether faction could do anything, seemed like a waste of time when we could have started another battle.


Yeah them bronze mods are super useful …


We could always have another solo level up :laughing:


Add proper rewards and make it worthy of our time and effort. This does not take a genius to figure it out.


I just got like 2 gold mod boxes… kinda satisfied, although overall released could be improved drastically.


End of match rewards are needed, based on final scores and winning faction. The title of MVP is nice, but where’s the rewards for using all e and getting all clean hits


If would also be nice to see who I’ve hit. The bonus for hitting an opponent for the first time can really add up, but memorising thirty names (especially as the order changes as some are hit) isn’t easy


To me and my faction, there is still not much incentive to participate. No milestones, prizes are still not worth the effort, and gold mod drop chance is poor. Onslaught shouldn’t be like this forever.


It’s terrible so far …


I think there is a red ! Icon on their name if you havnt hit that team yet.


Well to me my incentive to participate is the league tokens, the league store is the only consistent place to get legendary gear atm. The event has a lot of room to improve and improvements are needed, it’s kind of better it started out “vanilla” so they can add to it to make it better. Rather than starting out overly complex.


Handy to sell if I need to make a quick mod switch outside of my daily amount


yall just mad you’re getting rekt


Onslaught sucks man. In the super whale group… takes like thirty minutes to use 11 hits for absolutely no rewards. Need more incentive.


this tournament miss rhythm. It’s long wait. Not fun… prize not interesting…


I have an onslaught suggestion. Stop doing onslaught.


Mod boxes, league tokens, legendary medals :man_shrugging: