Onslaught should be the 3 days event not the lvl up

So scopely , lvl up for 3 days and Onslaught for 1 dsy ?
Can we just switch them .
We’ve been asking for months to reduce the lvl up time to less thsn 2 days and nothing happen
So here is my 3544565 feedback
Can we have the next Onslaught for 2 days +
And se want hoards.
Znd yes AOW what happened to AOW , I really want one since I cant fight other factions in my rdgion in CRW


Oh please no 3 days of that boring event. 1 1/2 days is enough or 2 no more


Why less level ups I think there should allways be a level up. Not only level up something else running with it but there should allways be a level up

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Yaaaawnslaught lol

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We need more level ups and more events were being shafted on torches


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No way, 3 days is way too long for onslaught

Three days of this crap? Maybe if they gave a lot more s class times.

Maybe two shorter onslaughts with, you know, an achievable last milestone for most factions. 1,000 in 28 hours on a school night is silly.

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Luckily I gradumuated alriddy

You didn’t get don’t you , I didn’t said less lvl ups .
Actually its completely the opposite what I said there . Just open your mind

What the hell r u trying to say

I am trying to say more lvl ups , but for a short each . 2 lvl ups a week is somehow too litle , but with 48 or less we can see 3 or more .
Did you get it now .
And no I don’t want Onslaught for 3 days , nor for 28h I just wanted some where in between.

Ok yea I got u now

It’s an expression. Fairly certain I’ve been through this before on here. It means weekday night when you have to go to bed early cos you have to get up early.

I know I was joking as well

Oh. 7 chars

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