Onslaught Scores

Maybe I am missing something, but could someone explain to me how it is possible for a faction to score over 100k in one battle against us when we only have 4 or 5 dead. I’ve seen it many times where one or two players are hitting 50k + off of one or two kills.

No rush bonus.


Ah! That makes sense. Thanks. So if you don’t use rush you get some crazy multiplier?

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It’s a set value. The no rush bonus is 7500 points in platinum league.

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Mkay, is that per battle? Because that would explain the crazy scores.

Yep per battle, diament gets 10k per fight


Right on, thanks for the info.

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Plus the multiplier the individual has factored in. One no rush kill in diamond is usually around 30k.


No rush is hard sometimes, but worth it

I can usually handle certain leads but focus should be the s class collectibles really

Yeah a high team grade plus no rush bonus plus all team mates alive gives you a crazy bonus

To explain this better, there’s a 7,500 bonus (in diamond, though I’ve heard that it varies by league) for not using a single rush while defeating the enemy. This can really add up.

It’s 10k in diamond

The rush bonus is obvs designed to get players focussing on that rather than making sure they win to get the milestones for collectibles. If scores don’t get us great milestones, why put this bonus in and, more to the point, why do we never get a massive equivalent in war???

To get the bonus you have to win, I typically get 26 to 30k per hit. So your still going after milestones. You can do two things at once lol

How so? 30 min to do 4 perfect hits seems reasonable, it doesn’t distract from achieving milestones at all, and score goes directly to faction rank, so that conspiracy theory is debunked

When idiots leave a low d team I hit then fast and hard and get like 20k per battle

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Yea, it has really helped. Told my faction, now we blowing it up. Getting the 7500 + my multiplier. Some teams are hard to beat like that but now we race to get the first hits on the low teams. Has taken a pretty boring event and added a new twist to it. Thanks for all the feedback.

Get your stronger players to try taking out higher opponents, maximise that score🤗

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Indeed, our top players are working on bleed/burn teams for that reason. Add in some chance revive weps. Haven’t seen faction chat this busy in a bit. People talking strategy and what not. Kinda cool.

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