Onslaught rewards?

Has VK released the yawnslaught rewards yet?

This is usually in missions, so rewards aren’t leaked before event

Seems like 700 is the usual?

@GR.Scopely can we have some info here please as you generally announce?

It will be copy/paste from the last few

Hopefully some Princess cards

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And Mercer

Am i right in thinking we didn’t have milestones in the last Yawnslaught?
Because without them its pointless.


Well hopefully Princess is amongst the choices

Y’all gonna quit disrespecting the event with the best rewards out here or regret it when it’s gone

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Mercer cards are there, but no princess

Lol really? Makes zero sense to me

That’s what’s on vk

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I’m not doubting you. Its just stupid imo. :joy:

From what the vk admin said there’ll be Mercer cards and Daiyu cards also.

How is 1000 wins calculated? Surviving the round or beating the mission? Low end is 4 and high end is 8. Makes no sense.

Winning a battle, calculates every players win in a faction.

Each individual battle win.

They haven’t made a topic about it so I’m assuming it’s cancelled lol