Onslaught Request

Hey, I have a novel idea.
Why don’t we all drop defense so everyone can get *edited: mod box drops?

Heart Arrows and Mod Boxes are dropping randomly.
Since $copedly devs are ignoring our requests for actual rewards and incentives to actually play this trash; why not at least band together as a gaming community and drop Defense to let everyone collect some rewards.

It’s not like you can’t use all your energy even after you are dead. You are only stealing from your community neighbor by keeping your war Defense up.

This might let them know how much we hate Yawnslaught without rewards or incentives.

*let the flaming begin.

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Confused if we are getting rewards or not! :man_shrugging::thinking::man_shrugging::thinking:

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Two different kinds of rewards. We’re not getting milestone or taking rewards. We are getting item drop rewards from every successful attack.

I actually find it kinda fun, with some better prize structuring and some milestones it could be a hit, so, speak for yourself. Also love the mods that drop at least 1/7 times per period.


We are in our third search. We’ve been passed up for no identifiable reason while other factions in our league that searched well after us matched instantly.

Its league based matching. This shit is stupid. No reason anyone in diamond 4 should be passed up.

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You get some trainers too :joy:
However ill say this again. Id rather get league points, and tokens doing onslaught and not having to burn anycans to stay in coin zones. And the if you get bronze mods sell them and get the scraps since we never got free mod removal i had to use some scraps to put my teams in orders. Not sure why theres complaints its simply not time demanding nor does it require certain amount to start like war
Improvemnts: a log showing battles like war, milestones, maybe something for vip, and at least give a good amount of league points for gear and what not. Obviously we all want a big prize at the end of the rainbow but wouldn’t be anything special considering crw :joy:

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Keep your bronze mods … 10th onslaught and I’ve still yet to receive even a silver mod…


Play more. We have already done 3 matches and this is my mod box drop luck so far.


6 bronze, one silver and one gold.

… I assure you I’m plenty active

Good to know… I guess I should say “sorry about your luck”. Hope things improve for you.

The one gold I had was crit set heal reduction resist :joy: I swear these are rigged. Same type last time we had an Onslaught as well.

That’s why I leave all mine to open at the end. Don’t want to get píssed off early into the event.
I mean, anymore píssed off that ppl are putting up war def in an even they could care less about.

Haven’t any of you people heard of ghosting to keep from being raided?

C’mon, people. You have been playing the game for 3 years. Learn the basics!

Sorry @RedReaper, that rant wasn’t directed at you.

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Main problem that I have with the event is that there aren’t good enough rewards. You spend a few minutes fighting a triple revive team with double shields just to get a bronze mod or nothing :joy:

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You ok?.. Weird time to go on a rant…

I guess, technically, you could call these rewards but not enough to get excited about.

A few Bennies and a little less than Half a GPS or Canteen.


I’ll keep up hopes in getting usable gold mod drops.

For our level in league standings, we only get 2 bennies for first.

It’s just like every other event tho… Even in d4 when you get towards the middle the rewards become laughable at best…


I’ve done about 30-40 attacks , but no gold mods yet…(but I got about 6 or 8 bronze mods, lucky me)

I’m all for this! Let’s do it.

The only redeeming feature of Onslaught is the mod box drops

Of which i’ve had about 7 bronze, and 1 gold box - which was crit - def down :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

other wise its just raiding.

a leaderboard with crap rewards
I’m not even sure why we get the matches we do, nor who the teams in our leaderboard are. Im not even particularly bothered anymore though lol

Sort out proper milestones, proper rewards and you might get more participation

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