Onslaught problem

Has onslaught milestones/missions ever been possible to max due to all the time they make you sit around waiting?

As if searching for an opponent wasn’t long enough…you gotta then wait like 45 minutes (even if u took everyone’s lives away) so it’s ALOT of time wasted. Why don’t we just move onto the next one if we defeated everyone like in wars?

Only 30min battles & just because all are dead they can still attack as long as they have energy. This was an event just meant to pass the time, but in regards to hitting all the milestones, if your faction can continuously win 10 or more battles every match, you should be ok. Just stress that trying to be hero with using no rush to win the match is less important. The important thing is everyone’s 4 hits must be wins if you dont have a lot on through out the duration.


Onslaught is a different format then war.
Letting everyone get a chance to hit is exactly why it’s appealing.
It’s a slow mode, allows for everyone to be in a que and choose to hit or not hit.

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It used to be much much worse. At least they sped it up some.

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Yawnslaught needs to just go away. Id rather do the Hordes event then this. The milestones/missions are ok. But not worth the yawn fest that you gotta sit through. Definitely the worst event ever. Bring back fac lvl and fac raids please. And way less solo lvl ups. Just way too many solo lvl ups.

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