Onslaught poll voting

  • Yes, I like it
  • No, needs fixing

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Needs removed.

For those voting Yes, I’m curious to know what there is for you to like about it.


You left off an option. It needs to go away and never come back.

There is nothing fun or rewarding about this and there is no “fixing” it. Sorry, it’s just flat out terrible in every conceivable way.


Im choosing “No it needs fixing” because whos gunna waste there time just to get crappy rewards like for real?


It’s very fun.


Needs better rewards and a battle log for starters. Could also use a reduction in coin cost.


Was better in beta with fewer lives, shorter periods, and shorter waits. I understand the changes that occur between beta and live, but this is a completely different experience than I had during testing, and not for the better.

Just for example, in beta, only 5-10 were needed to compete and take down an entire faction in round 1, which keeps the pace up. In live, it’s 27/30 needed active at the same time to finish quick. It’s untenable and boring in its current iteration for this reason and more.


you know some people from here are employed there… they cant vote otherwise or theyd loose their job.


This tournament is scopely way of telling they are also tired of thinking of rewards for us. With onslaught there is absolutely no need for them to use their minds


What’s the actual reward for it ?


Definitely needs fixing, energy needs to be on a timer like everything else, periods need to be shorter and if you run out of lives you shouldn’t be able to attack anymore. There is 0 strategy in its current form. As for rewards am I not mistaken but everyone should get a acsendable 5* from the league store with the rewards.


This. It’s 6*s and mods bad.


This onslaught is such a waste of time


IMO this feature needs to be pulled immediately and replaced with something that is actually worthwhile. Like a picture of a clown, or some dirty limericks.


@JB.Scopely showed up on the stream and gave some answers.
now we wait and hope they will realize how big of a duck up this onslaught thing is!


Sry but Onslaught is the baddest and laziest ‘feature’. Its a impudence to ‘be excited’ to get this piece of garbage. So what? They wanted a cooldown simulator and now we got it. Nice move. I can’t believe that they earn money with this strategy… :man_shrugging:


The prizes are junk and the timer is way too long but it’s something to do while I wait for my raid and world energy to refill


Extremely boring, timers are too long.


This… BORING, TOO LONG, REWARDS SUCK… No incentive to care about this.

It might just be me, but not sure if scopely can bring anything new to this game to revitalize it. :thinking::thinking:


It has to be removed, you’ll never get the whole faction active for 3 days and CRW hast been shortened because of that boring crap.