Onslaught mission problem

My faction has just completed all the missions and I was able to claim the cakes but when I went to claim for completing everything it was already completed and I didn’t get anything for it should of had 2,195 cakes only got 1,895 checked all the other to see if they had changed and they hadn’t so I don’t really know what is going on.

Any response is appreciated @GR.Scopely

Or anyone for that matter

There was no completion reward to my knowledge

At the top you got a choice of 300 of each collection item

Couldn’t Claim them it was instantly completed

There is no completition reward for onslaught. You are referring to the mission front page where it says win a possible 300 keys or cones, thats the total number available of each to be claimed via milestones…there is, never was a completition bonus.

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Ok thank you it did confuse me thanks for letting me know

I thought I was going mad

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