Onslaught Milestones and AOW



I don’t ask for much.
Didn’t get the winning lotto numbers did I?
No I did not.
Because I didn’t ask for them.
So I ask this of you…
Where is my AOW?
How else am I suppose to show my region how amazingly great I am at hitting things for hours on end while I lose sleep and forget to eat?
We need some in-house battles.
I need to be able to tell my fellow regioners that it was a “good game” even when it really wasn’t.
That’s how I show I was raised with manners.
My region needs to know that about me.
I feel like they forget sometimes.
AOW reminds them of that.

Next thing.
I REALLY need milestones for Onslaught.
So do you.
We all do.
There is an intense lack of motivation to participate in the event without milestones.
It’s like asking me to accomplish a day without coffee.
It’s…no…how dare you suggest such a thing.
It’s offensive, is what it is.


Heard we’ll have an AOW in the “near future”, take that as you will. As of Onslaught, no news on it yet.


Great post. Completely agree.


That’s adorable. They really keep us on our toes! :smile:


U are funny but …

Completely agree All out war is not interchangeable with CRW’s they are completely different and AOW is needed for many reasons some listed above.

Others like community building in regions and recruiting, how can u see players u wana bring in if u never fight them in war.

@JB.Scopely please address this.


Bravo!! Excellent post!! I’m in complete agreement


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