Onslaught milestone?

I think to make onslaught less boring event , a milestone the same as every other event might help. I dont know why I have to win a match without using rush as i dont have milestone to follow lmao

You’re still competing in leagues leaderboard ??? The better you perform the better you rank


Prizes are a joke wow a few benes. I just do the no ar for fun but worth it? No

I don’t think rewards are a joke, I want Benes, I will take them any day

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Maybe because we still low league rank. Our faction is 1st with double score in the leader board. Anyway onslaught is the most boring event scopely ever made lol

S class items shit? lol trainers are shit but your main goal is s class items once hit 1k no need do it anymore

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we completed 1k mission reward already. i just thought it so boring to grind for that

Each and every event has:

  1. Faction rank rewards
  2. Individual milestones
  3. War and Raids, individual prizes per battle
  4. War, ranking per battle rewards

Why does onslaught only have 1 and 3? There is no excuse for it and is one of the reasons why Onslogg is so disliked. Customers by nature and by the nature of the game need individual milestones to attain at a certain level or it feels like their is no aim or goal

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Cause it’s a different event, onslaught isn’t war and it has not need to be, we already have war being war

It’s clear that onslaught isn’t war, the above is examples of the rewards we get from all, besides SR and hoardes, that we get.

To motivate and not have onslaught feeling like a chore, there needs to be individual milestones like every single event, raids, SR, hoardes, war, LU. In every one of those events there are individual milestones. This rewards the participants individual who go the extra mile also

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I don’t think so, I’m ok with the rewards, it’s not a regional event but leagues related, it has leagues rewards

The rewards ARE terrible for onslaught. Sure, I like bennies…but you have to place third in what is basically a non-stop event that lasts for days…which means that everyone has to grind non-stop just to get a few bennies.

They definitely need better rewards AND milestone rewards

And what other event gives you 800 collectibles? You just need to extrapolate that, and not just to top factions it’s achievable by every single active faction

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Onslaught is wonderful, I’d be upset if the mess around rewards to accommodate selfish ppl that want to see their individual names on a board or something

I’m getting an opening from elite tokens every 30 min, that’s a trainer or gear just for doing 4 hits, I play 3 regions all in their respective top factions, I’m top or second in activity in each faction and I don’t complain, I like onslaught and I enjoy the rewards which I seem adequate

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This is a bingo. We need individual benchmarks Scopley.

What? This makes no sense. Doing something you don’t want to do just so you can get the rewards from doing it is essentially the definition of a chore.

I also don’t really see the point. There’s already faction milestones, and they’re really good. It’s like individual milestones, only better because your faction mates can help you complete them, and you can help them.

When there are individual milestones it gives more of an incentive to want to play and rewards individuals who go the extra mile… yes onslaught is a chore, but at least let it be more rewarding.

The league rewards for most factions don’t exist and it’s more time labouring then war I think, without the same enjoyment and teamwork and it’s during wkdays with no pop ups of when an match has been found so members r constantly having to tag members.

It’s long and it’s boring but at least having individual milestones makes it feel more worth slogging through and gives more of an incentive too. It may sound contradictory, but we are stuck with it so it’s about how we can make it more better so it’s not as bad.

The 800 S-CLASS Items is good tho, but again it feels like such a slog and getting S-Classes is such a slog in itself there just doesn’t seem to be that special attraction to compete in onslaught as other tournies.

This is a personal opinion so it’s not right and it’s not wrong but I do feel most other customers feel the same way

800 s class items are double or triple what most people get in war… for two days during the week that’s great considering alternative is no event…

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800 collectibles ppl! Are you out of your mind? That’s the best reward for faction event available and it’s for everyone not just every top faction getting first, guess ppl will complain no matter what

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