Onslaught lqter today?

Anyone have any info if it’s been updated or anything since it’s been awhile since we last had one.

Yes, VK confirms start time of 4am Moscow / 5pm PST but no word on rewards.

However, I suspect rewards will be lacklustre and not worth the level of effort the event might command.


Yup, can’t wait!


Can’t wait best event ever

Please don’t slate me I’m fooking with yeah

Onslaught has rewards? Since when? :wink:

The complete lack of rewards is why this is scopes favorite event. Care for a bunch of bronze mods to clog up your limited space? :laughing:


It has some leauge trophies

Yeah but so does war and that also has actual rewards and milestones. FO is crapola no matter how you slice it.

If they would just stop being so obstinate and just give it a proper set of rank rewards, milestones, and keep the small shot at a gold mod and you could replace the raid event with it.

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Alright calm down.

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You calm down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Always telling someone how to feel lol…i don’t mind onslaught…its not taking place of war or anything, everyone can participate or NOT, its something to do for league points that’s not blowing through cans. While gold mods dont drp alot i have gotten a few really good ones.
What would make it a whole lot more fun is if they showed us a log of how are battles and had milestones and possibly rewards at the end better than previous offering

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Onslaught is the most uninspiring unexciting part of the game. I would rather have a raid tourny. Wish they would replace one of the endless level ups with onslaught and keep the raid tourny instead.

Do you make these pictures or just Google them? :joy:

Hopefully its as punctual as mod removal…

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Wouldnt it be cool if we had this event to remove all our mods around to our new toons? Oh wait we did…but somehow they messed it up and no one at Scopley could fix it. :joy: :slight_smile:

Looking forward to onslaught event today.

Also looking forward to going to bed early.

Will you think less of me if I tell the truth

Whhhhhhhy is it to hard to implement the changes players asked for in this game mode? Give us some milestones and better rank rewards @JB.Scopely

Because to the powers that be. They say this is a very small voice compared to the line or discord chat. This forums is a joke and you can see why by looking at what the CM’s respond to.

Also why would jb and the new guy even bother with this job. They can’t be helpful in the things that are wrong with the game.

So why bother voicing anything here when they don’t respond.

LadyGeek comment incoming.