Onslaught Lives


So I was lucky enough to go up against myself in faction onslaught today.

But I noticed that lives don’t really mean shit in onslaught…You can lose all your lives & still attack the opposition

This needs to change


It clearly says in the info on Onslaught that you can continue to make hits after all your lives have been taken.


No it does not need to change; are u crazy? So when onslaught starts at 3 am for some players, they find theirselves dead when they wake up and cant participate anymore? No, its fine like this, its points based.


What’s onslaught


New feature, they pinned a thread at the top of the Forums about it.


Cheers buddy I’ll take a look


how is it so far, is it like war? somewhat similar? tedious? time consuming? fun? not fun? some feedback?


You’re the type of gamer that sits & watches paint dry



And u are probably one of the selfish people who think its fine that things start in the evening for u, after work, but at 3 am for others. I know what the system is like they are implementing, its copied from other games and it will work well. People run out of energy too.


Are you saying “paint drying simulator 2018” isn’t a good game?


That is much like CRW in RTS! however i think the paint dry simulator would be more exciting.



Best game on all of steam. It’s got more action and drama than the average person can handle. :wink:



congrats @LoneRogue

Wish I could hand out badges. Alas, I can not, so you will have to settle for this extra kudos post.


This game mode is meant to be different than war. Bit more strategic and push overall faction activity rather than pure battle speed and strength.

I’m holding to see what the full release does, but I think it’s interesting.


The stratagy so far looks like be the faction with the least amount of members so you can win. I hope they fix that. I assume a large dumpster fire so I am happy when anything almost works.


It looks lame as hell and the rewards pretty much stink if the beta footage is any indication of the final rewards.

It’s just raiding. Come up with something new thats not based on an existing mode and its only against people in your league. Would be so much better if it was against people you know from your own region too.


We seriously need some new PVE things. The few roadmaps we get are not fun we just have to do them to survive. It is a shame.


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