Onslaught is Severely Flawed

Onslaught is the new feature and there is a severe flaw. This pic shows why:

In summary, we somehow matched a 1 person faction. The rules of Onslaught is that everyone gets lives, when you lose your lives, you can’t be attacked anymore. Inexplicably, you can still attack when you’re dead.

The flaw: we can’t attack this 1 person anymore however they can attack us as much as they want. So a 1 person faction can easily beat a 30 person faction.



Another broken feature being rushed into the game with a price tag on it to win. Please tell me you are not surprised by the incompetency of this company. Work or not put it in right before war create bugs and make players pay to test. The hits just keep on coming!!


Did you manage to win? :wink:

Can you switch back to your region?

"defeated players can’t be targeted but can still attack. "
erm…wat? :joy::joy:

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This whole thing is silly do we really need another pvp feature?How about disabling stuns absolute defense impair mods etc… to make it more strategic?Place Certain rules instead of silly stuff only whales can use.


Lulz. . Quite a loophole.

War has its own flaw where a single whale team can outscore a whole lower level faction singlehandedly.


If your shitty faction members were active, you would of won it easily

I counted all of them absent



No surprise in this being a flawed design. These devs aren’t that good tbh, they’re not working on a real game, just a casino like mobile game, They assure the income but complety shit on other issues that don’t really make for a good gaming experience. If TTG closed its doors this company should too. Awful business etics.


I’d be surprised if you ever posted anything worth reading, ribcage.


The beta itself is flawed let alone the feature.

Beta in general is a waste of time

  1. you match facs within your league for the most part. 1 person facs wont be in pretty much any leagues

  2. its beta lol. thanks for the input lets hope they fix that or put something in place to help fix it

  3. Trolls will be trolls will be trolls. Think the feature has awesome potential thanks Scopely.

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And yet it’s necessary because those bugs may have been put into the actual game had they not been tested.

Scopely in flawed, broken new feature when there are 101 more important bug fixes that should have been prioritised shocker…


Nice idea. We tested it and know how you work and what you’re balancing/‘fixing’.

Please remove this ‘feature’ out your Brains and fix the issues and bugs that there important instead of another crap ‘feature’

Oh yes. That’s sounds veeeeery brilliant. If you buy a car and you notice that there is a engine problem you would live with it. :ok_hand: Nice guy, Hanne.

depending on how accurate google translate is he said “Fuck your mother you stupid son of a bitch!”
so he makes an air tight argument


Doesn’t he need to buy energy to do so?