Onslaught, huge fail from 1st match!

We killed the other team within 5 minutes. They finished killing us a few minutes later… now we sit till the end of the hour. Our team grades are higher so they will win even though we killed quicker. IMO the new version is actually worse than the original version.


Is this a joke? Why are we sitting around for fifty minutes lol. They keep making this game mode worse.


Agreed we have won and have to wait 45 minutes until the next one


At least you got matched. 25 min, still not matched

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Not missing much.

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I want to play for four mins though.

I was thinking may be they want you to use coins for energy, but that doesn’t give you lives, just more chances. But with everyone dead on both sides, yea what’s the point.

I actually forgot what This mode was, as soon as it fired up and we got going it hit me.


Boring AF.

a player from the opposing team had 110K by himself. The scoring on this new system really is crazy.


Same for us. We had 3 dropped d, so they scored 30k more. We killed them asap, they killed us after 10 min.
They won.
Wtf is this?

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Well at least someone else next hour in diamond four will have to sit out a round…

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Not a huge fail. We all get to hear you complain.

You get 10k if you win without using an AR.

40 minutes in without a match, while others are matching all around us, 24 factions on the leaderboard. @TayTron @ForumAdmin @Shawn.Scopely anyone want to take a look at this?


Nope. Working as intended.

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Everyone sitting waiting in finished matches won’t help wait times or matchmaking

Scrap that shit cancel this piece of crap event already no match 43 minutes gone and nothing all other factions already on the scoreboard


So you guys sat around in a room, came up with this concept and you all thought this is a good idea? Nobody saw this coming? Nobody?

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We are one are yet to match either. Been in the queue the whole time.

Nice work scopes.

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Probably waiting for all of us that matched already to sit our hour out. Not at all fair to you guys.