Onslaught gameplay analysis. pros and cons


Onslaught takes after other offline faction versus faction games, and gives us basically a MUCH fairer version of war, in regards to player team strength.

In war, only the strong survive – lowbies of a faction are likely discouraged from joining war and if they do join, their camps get wrecked pretty quickly.

Onslaught uses tried and true mechanics of other games to eliminate this obstacle. So, one big benefit is that this game mode brings lowbies into the action.

Variety is also good for any game. Having a new game mode helps in that regard.



  1. the rewards are total crap. For an event where matches stretch over 3 hours, there is some time commitment required. Given the commitment, the current prizes are a grave insult to the players. If these are not improved drastically, I won’t even push my faction to participate in the next onslaught.

  2. it’s another event based on an unrestricted raid based mechanic. This is now the fourth game mode type based on standard raiding. Scopely had an opportunity to switch things up here…easiest way could have been to give attackers and defenders a list of maybe 8 specified toons and allow players to pick one to add on their team similar to how faction allies work. Having 6-toon teams would be a small tweak coding-wise but would make Onslaught feel like a truly different game mode, just from reusing code that already exists (in roadmaps). Whatever Scopely does, I hope they find a way to make Onslaught stand out from the raid tourneys, territory battles, and war battles we already have.

  3. Onslaught matchmaking seems to still need a good bit of work. If Scopely is going to insist on matching lower strength factions with higher ones, they MUST figure out a way to give the lower strength faction a fair chance. One good way could be when there is an unbalanced match, just announce the lower strength faction will get a scoring multiplier of XYZ and allow the higher faction to accept the war or restart the search for a new opponent.

  4. Onslaught match length is kind of annoying. 3.5 hours for a match is a bit odd for this sort of game. It’s too long to keep active players busy, and too short to really accommodate more casual players. Blitz war seems to work really well… maybe shorten periods to something closer to 15 minutes, and reduce the starting energy accordingly.

Hopefully tweaks are made to make Onslaught a great game mode.


Pros - None

Cons - All of it, especially lack of individual milestone rewards.


CONS - It’s terrible.

PROS - Complete lack of rewards. Takes far to long. Pay to win. Wait a sec these are not pros. :smirk:


It has a Pro, for only Scopely tho lol


Pro: They did not make an Onslaught chat


Oh so true, add another game ( lagging) improvement :wink:


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