Onslaught - FINALLY!

faction onslaught are boring and full of garbage rewards

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Vk leaks?

I hope they cancel it too :rofl:

Ugh, yawn-slaught. Hopefully some good rewards, but I’m not holding my breath.

If you are in every match you can see what others are doing. If I remember correctly. That is how you keep track. :man_shrugging:

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What more blue keys people can whine and complain about??

Gonna check vk after I get home from school for leaks.

How much people want to bet it will be cancelled hahaha


I miss onslaught, one of the few events where i can raid every top faction.

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Should be as simple as “s class toons not allowed on horde”.

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thats correct. its a fix for the time being while they work on the perma fix… atleast the event doesnt have to be scrapped awaiting the real fix, which could take months.

Real answer is there wasnt money in hordes so scrapped? How many of you who loved hordes spent cash on it?

too true, not enough profit… i am not a big fan of onslaught nor hordes… but its having different variety that makes it fun for me.
remember when all we had was LU, SR and raid?

Let’s face it one of the main reason people play rts now is to whine about stuff. Myself included


Yup, 5 minutes before it’s set to start they will find an “issue” and load up a solo lvl up with wrong placeholder rewards only to blame it on server sync… then hotswap rewards after 24 hours of event start.
I’ve seen this show before.

We are all used to it now

Onslaught and hoards are both terrible.

To be honest we only loved hordes for the stash.


Dunno what onslaught or hoardes are kinda excited to check those out. Hopefully those will provide us with platoon of Liliths and keys cakes cones kites bullets buckets etc not Ulysses tho, half of my roster is Ulysses, around 100 loool