Onslaught feedback

anyone think their fac will make the last milestone?

we wont, shorter length on event , longer wait times

previous event times
Onslaught (Wed 12:00 pm - Fri 10:00 am)

this week
Onslaught (Wed 12:00 pm - Thu 5:00 pm)

spot the difference


@@@@@COMPANY ever …

waiting times till over 30 min what a joke

Give us 50 less collectables and shorter length idk what they was thinking but the last one might not be achievable

Probably not. On the other hand, it’s not reasonable to expect the same rewards in the milestones of a casual mid-week event as for winning CRW, so that this is even possible is something of a miracle, and I’m ok with it if it requires your faction to be very active.

nah what I’m saying 2 weeks ago we had onslaught, same rewards and milestones but the event was 17 hours longer…


No, i dont think so :frowning:
Asking people to be active mid week is close to impossible.

My faction is on the right track but id expect us to reach 999 or something like that. Faith enjoys taunting us

Think the milestones are a bit worse now, at least according to another thread.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter. The rewards (or milestones, rather, but I’ll call them rewards) then were completely ridiculous then, and even if you substantially reduce them they are still extremely good. Just getting the 500 win milestone, not a small task but far from impossible, gives you arguably better rewards than being runner up in CRW, and is something that in principle any active faction can achieve, compared to one faction in 16 regions. Not to mention that being runner-up in CRW requires substantial effort, while Onslaught requires everyone in your faction to get fewer than 40 wins.

Some events the rewards are better/easier to get, sometimes they’re worse or harder to get. On an absolute scale, Onslaught rewards are among the absolute top in the game, on the bang-for-buck scale they seem head and shoulders above everything else, and they would still be if they got reduced further, that’s how good they are.

I disagree. The mission rewards for Onslaught are and were fine. The rewards for War are terrible. These are the type of rewards that should be given for a mid week event. War should be double or treble.


C’est n’importe quoi ! Combien de temps ils vont se foutre de la gueule des gens qui les rémunèrent c’est juste abusé…

Reasonable position; I personally disagree for various reasons that I’m not sure make sense to go into now.

My main point is the following: relative to all rewards in the game, Onslaught rewards were and are at the very top, both in quality and quality/effort ratio. They were particularly good last time, presumably to mark the return of onslaught as a regular event, but they are still amazing, at least relatively speaking.

As we all know, balancing a game economy is an art and a science (lol). One of the reasons I suspect rewards are generally quite low is that, as this thread proves, if you err on the side of being too generous, you can never go back, even if it’s still very generous. It should be obvious why this is a bad thing, and why we as a community should fight it.

yeah rewards seem to be totally random
onslaught, good rewards, so they reduced time

fac level up, good reward (600 ice cream cones) fac raid terrible (top got 150.ice cream cines)

just so.random
I.remeber fac sr were terrible

hordes werent too bad, milestone based too
let’s not discuss war… lol

No stop but impossible sorry for my hope and my english

Same, just hit 500 with a little over 8 hours left

We’re probably have around 950. Sucks. Last onslaught was good, this one a step back (shorter time and less milestone rewards)

We might have reached the last milestone if it wasn’t for the terrible match ups. For some reason we keep getting facs from diamond 4/5 when we’re in d2. They’re not in our league or onslaught group. Lots in my fac have lost interest.

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Same here. We cant even manually fight most of the matches or we’d run out of time

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We finished it up like an hour and a half ago

My fac will be barely short on hitting the last if it wouldnt of been for the long search times and a little bit longer event time we could of got the last one it’s so stupid