ONSLAUGHT FEEDBACK - choice boxes options reduced? Why?

Hi @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely

There are a couple of posts and Scopely customers commenting on the current choice box and the lack of “gen 1” (more so the exclusion of princess, mercer, frost and other toons), toons.

Last Onslaught I think advertised on blogs on the 8th of July had 12 choice S class cards:

However this onslaught is only offering 8 choice S class cards:

Why reduce the amount FIRSTLY?

SECONDLY… this choice box could of added the frost, mercer, dayiu, princess, aarav or wangfa cards etc as an option at 50, if it’s a question that choice boxes can only hold a certain amount (12 going by last Onslaught).

THIRDLY, what is the aims of the events and rewards? Scopely wants to increase the availability of newer cards that’s great, but as we can see from last Onslaught having the ability to support 12 choices, why reduce it? Why reduce a customers choice especially in a faction event when there is no need to. It makes no sense.

And of course with the newer cards, they can be provided but at a lower amount that’s fine… but there is space for more card options to be added.

I think Scopely needs to allow customers to customizer their own game and experience. And as with the case pointed out 12 choice boxes made available and now only 8, there is lol, “Scope” to still offer that.

What shouldn’t happen is customers nearly completing collections, but no longer can’t because options are being taken away, when there is still space for those options to be there.

Collections which could ultimately transform there teams and which they have been working on hard to achieve. There is room to satisfy the majority of the customer base.

Ultimately it’s all about the customer journey and experience, if customer enjoy that then they are more prone to stay with a product longer and spend.


I had been of the opinion that they were generally moving in the right direction, but when they drastically reduce the amount of cards and also the amount of choice of those cards, for no clear reason, all of the compliments I gave them on improvement start to feel like ash in my mouth.


It shows that maybe for tourney and events that there is no consistency in there structure and that they don’t understand item value fully as well as different customer journey.

If they did then errors like this wouldn’t happen.

Hopefully they will read this feedback and that of others and start implementing better standards and measures

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The amounts vary new-old, and presumably they’re trying to keep Onslaught 2nd to war (because pro-Onslaughters like me were quickly turning the event into the one the RTS universe gravitates around :joy: ) Hence why there’s some difference on the same cards.

However, I did have a big protestation today about the absence of other cards. While it is true that higher facs have wanted newer cards like this - and lower amounts was a compromise to get them in. This new selection completely cuts out lower players who aren’t even close to getting to the point of wanting those toons.


I hope they increase the cards amount for the next Onslaught. They increased on Total War rewards, it’s not hard to do the same for other events in the game, even more now they are trying to listen players feedback, applying survey about game experience and stuff.

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@Parker Keep the crate as before and run a trade in for newer cards With the same amounts of that the new crate have in the black market where it’s capped to the same amount of crates that onslaught gives (16) that way both lower level and end game players are satisfied !! easy peasy if someone cared to scratch their heads for like 3 seconds

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I like a choice box that offers either the daily crate (with the old cards) or the promo crate (with the 8 new cards). So everyone’s satisfied


@Gravedigger pointed out that the S class roadmap has up to 18 S class card options.

Onslaught and other multiple card choice boxes could offer the same.

To make each event stand as war is meant to be the premium event then others, just increase the card amounts to make each event rewarding based on the customer equity (time, money and resources)

E.g. Princess cards for example, set at 70 for events like Onslaught for a choice box, but for war could go up to 60 in a war choice box.

This establishes, reaffirms and rewards customers for the extra equity they have to put into war event, doesn’t add an additional features to swap cards, (as already advised there can be up to 18 card choices in a choice box as options).

Then Scopely periodically can reset values as newer toons come out and the new ones become older.

Then as the S class roster becomes even bigger, they can create possibly 1 choice box, within it, it contains 4 trait boxes e.g. 1 trait box for all strong toons, one for all alert, tough, fast, which holds cards for each of those toons under that trait. Similar to that of the current Wayland box III box below:

This makes it less of a mess, stops the endless scrolling as S classes become more populated.

@Shawn.Scopely @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron maybe some like this or different could be adopted or some point considered to the team for future progression as an idea?

It means all customers at different player levels can obtain still what they need and have that choice which is important in a game, hopefully technically is not difficult, is more efficency and manageable and easy use for the customer.

But I feel as a customer providing feedback directly to Scopely that currently the choice boxes as highlighted by the limitations of the Onslaught choice box options, excludes some customers progression within your product.

1 customer commented that they needed 800 frost cards to get him as a S class and was hoping onslaught would get them there, but no, the choicr boxes changed, which is off putting and may give a customer another reason to leave your product.


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