Onslaught event

Oh wow. It’s shards OR glass. That is pretty bad lol

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No Ty this is a unbelievably boring event it’s painful

Onslaught is one of my favourites :grimacing: lol


Yawnslaught is the most boring event this game had ever done. The milestones in mission tab makes it kinda worth it to do. But still a complete snoozefest.

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Wars boring worst rewards for the effort in the game only 100 collectibles what the point

Plus enough basic tokens to win a LU the following week😉

Omg lol :flushed:

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I’ll be honest the whole game is getting very very boring, nothing new, same old crappie events and rewards, it’s becoming a snooze fest🤗


Been like this for a very looooong time :joy:

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