Onslaught event

Hi, it’s supposed that onslaught started some minutes ago?.. Or I’m wrong

Youre right

Get rid of the encounter timer, it’s a waste of time


I agree about that timer. It isn’t needed.

Milestones reward are really bad, only 450 shards for 1k attack

Before it was 800 shards now only 450 shards


Looks like the rewards are worse than usual sure we used to get more

Onslaught always matched at :20, :40, and :00 of the hour, the encounter timer is just making it obvious it does. Just in case anyone thinks it’s new

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Last onslaught 20 january

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Cant collect the rewards The game restart when i do that @WalkerTexasRanger

I might be missing something here, I can’t see any rewards

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Onslaught rewards are always under mission tab, your faction has to reach the number in order to (attempt to) collect.

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Ty Jack :hugs:

Can you tell them next time to not change onslaught rewards please people need these shards and currently it is the best way of getting them

Man onslaught is soooooooo boring

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i love it … got 3 Aden out of it so far
easy … just auto and go
nothing better to do as all is closed lol

How do get the big combo points in onslaught. I keep getting 5000 points while the opposition is getting 50000 and they Are attacking my weaker teammates … Any help?

You score more if you dont use an AR rush.

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We said this last night. The shard nerf shouldn’t have resulted in a choose situation between shards / glass. And milestones shouldn’t be touched as 2/3rds of factions get no rewards from this event


Thanks for letting me know why not give them a second chance and run another one next week?

They probably already have the events decided for next week by now. But we will be keeping a close eye whenever the next Onslaught is :face_with_monocle: