Onslaught event 2x this week =/



Remove this annoying event! TWO TIMES this week? Noooo!!! :disappointed_relieved:


With garbage rewards guarantee


We wish. There aren’t any rewards


Just ignore it like many others.


Awful event =/


i`m pretty sure they worked on it after all the backlash


Still not holding my breath that it will be any good


What a crap event. You know what would be great a faction level up. Havent had one all month.


Look at this @JB.Scopely
most of people hated this event


Scopely: “They said remove it 2x? Then we’ll put it in 3x!”


The event would be decent if it had rewards


What could they do to make it better?



Actually f all that cause they’ll put lame stuff that we can farm for and at the end put lame rng bags of even more useless stuff.

How bout you scrap the lame event at twice the speed you brought it out and fire the person(s) who thought it would be good.

Horrible logic that goes on here.

Absolutely horrible.


I am in the #3 faction in my region. We have minimums for every faction event but not for onslaught. We all put in a ton of effort for a few league tokens? LOL What a joke.

Not surprising really

Players: We really could use another gear event

Scopely: No. But instead here’s onslaught, a chance to get 1 of 4 of some of our worst toons, a few 5stars from our Halloween and don’t forget to buy gear for your toons so you can participate in the constant level-ups we’re gonna throw at ya.


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