Onslaught Event [10/23]

Greetings Survivors,

Based on your latest feedback regarding the Onslaught event, we are implementing some changes around matchmaking that will improve the overall gameplay experience and will be present in today’s iteration of the Onslaught event.

As we fully deploy those updates, we want to let you know that players may experience longer wait times within their first hour of play.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Longer wait times? That’s possible??


How about better rewards? :laughing:


here we go…

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Mentioning rewards is one way to get yourself ignored


I will counter that with worse rewards and longer search times


Rewards were best in the game

@GR.Scopely did you guys take away the no rush bonus?

I thought wait times was something we wanted addressing :hugs:

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What was our feedback exactly? Who was the mouthpiece on this one speaking for only the 1%?

Can we get choice boxes for the mission rewards :thinking:

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It says the changes are in regards to matchmaking

My feed back is I dislike onsaulght.

It’s the same as every other event.
Rewards for fighting are not worthy. Why not add Depot points for milestones or something.
You get 4 attacks and 1 life thus high level players just end up carrying the team when they are on.
Better defenses should give way more points for taking down.

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In what way will they be improved? A vague statement a couple hours before it starts just sounds like lip service but nothing will really change.

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Thank u for at least informing customers of this

Hopefully they got rid of the ridiculous match making time zones. This way we can match make as soon as we finish.

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You don’t have five roadies?

You should make more rewards like if you got first you get to get 5000 S colectubles 2-5 2500 6-20 1500 and 21-50 1250 51-1000 1000 and you get to pick which one you want from all the S charecters or somthing good so you feel like you really want to get first.

How about actual rewards and solo milestones?