Onslaught drops Elite Char Tokens!


Unfortunately, due to me being shocked from something actually decent from this new mess of an event, I didn’t get to screenshot me getting this token from the battles, it’s not the best obviously, but it’s a nice thing, would be much more useful if they dropped decently though.


Lol, a 3*'s better than 6 1*s, I guess! Probably the only good thing about this event.


Where? I haven’t got a single drop


I got an elite weapon toke earlier


I got two elite weapon tokens earlier.


Elite tokens are sooooo 2015… :poop: :rofl:



Gotta love it when the best rewards you get from onslaught are 5 elite gear tokens


Maybe… what I mean is a crap chance to get a token to get a crap pull… that sound about right?


Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Exciting stuff.


Im semi retired from the game, I got two elite character tokens and promptly cashed them in for 3* Sophia and 3* doc steve… maybe semi retired is not enough…


two hours is long enough still not to have 1 elite token


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