Onslaught collectibles decreased by 50

I actually expected more this time but sadly was chocked that it was decreased 750 instead of 800 :wink:


I just hope they don’t take any more time off the event. 1000 wins won’t be achiveable for the average fac at 28 hours. 500 might just be able but not in any less time


I don’t give a shit about other factions dude everyone else is for his own , I just want my 50 back

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Well that’s fair enough. Lol

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You must be the only player in your faction talkin like that :rofl:

they moved some collectables to a choicebox for the winner of your group instead.

Awww you got your feelings hurt :joy::joy::joy:

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who hurt you?

Guess I’m gonna have to ignore half the forum since they’re too many trolls

Sorry for the butthurt my guy. Make sure you let everyone know you ignored them as if they really care. :rofl:


Didn’t even know you could ignore people and this man is using it to threaten people to be nice :joy:

They did have a choice box In the museum for 19 comics for 12 war refills 300 keys 300 cones or 300 white cakes

For 10 conics

Sorry cant type

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