Onslaught choice box

Please fix it, we want all s classes cards in the choices boxes, exept the new characters… Where is Mercer, Frost, Aarav? Not cool for new players…


You’ve seen the new choice box yes? Don’t like it?

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Really not cool…

what about those who already have claimed 2 of the ones you mentioned

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Think about new players

“20 cards per box”, hon, I’m not going to waste my time for this shit.


We just want all S classes cards in choices boxes, it doesn’t change anything for you if you already have Mercer, Priya… But it’s really cool for new players.

That’s why he’s asking for all cards. If you don’t want those cards don’t choose them. But many players are still going for the F2P crate S-Classes


Is that chucky’s wife?

I read it as he wanted all sclass except the new characters, my apologies if I read it wrong

Sorry my mistake (i’m not english), i think about Trader, Noor, and the others recent characters when i say “new characters”

This is ridiculous. Having more choices in the box just helps everyone. Can you screw up the game any more?


I’ll bandwagon this gripe fest. The choices this event don’t help me at all. This new thing where it’s a rotating list of choices just oppresses casual players.

You might get 1000 cards in an rotation, then 6 months later you can get your 6*. At this rate I’ll get Mateo sometime in 2022.


New players have New Regions and different offers. It’s good the old once not in there. Already got 2 of all you named there. But tbh a choice Box with different amount of Cards would be benefit for every player

Why have the card amounts reduced so dramatically.

There was a complaint from the player base that War wheel was trash except in comparison to Onslaught boxes… so they went ahead and reduced the Onslaught cards


All cards in all choice boxes would solve everyone’s problems, ranging from 5 for newer cards to whatever👍


This 100%

I can’t think of a reason this would keep people from spending on events.

The only deeply cynical reason I can think to not do this is this is because it oppresses regular Joe’s and ensures they remain vulnerable to big spender annihilation.

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Working on Mercer atm was disappointed to not see him in there.


This is done intentionally for that exact reason. They do not want you to get any worthy s-class toon in a timely manner especially while they are still meta relevant for free.

They fully expect each and every one of us to spend hundreds of dollars chasing that BS .2% chance or when they are feeling generous the .4% “double chances”. That always makes me laugh. Marketing. :laughing:

The formula for “success” in the game is very simple to understand so if you want to be among the “top” players then be prepared to fork over a small fortune. If you have a :brain: and wisely refuse to do that but still want to play then be prepared to accept that you will be mediocre at best.


They have always been passive-aggressive against the players. It’s why I stopped trying to come up with suggestions or offering solutions. They don’t care. They never did and they never will. Usually, all they do is take what the players are asking for and then do the complete opposite.

I really think what they like to do like is to see just how much crap they can get away with without it affecting profits.