Onslaught broken?

I’m not sure if I’m imagining it but I think there’s something wrong with my game, I keep fighting the exact same team over again, only the characters are in different spaces. The names of my opponents change as does the name of the faction but the enemy team does not. Anybody else witness this phenomenon ?

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The new meta you mean

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Meta? What’s that ? I think I should ask the devs but I have a feeling they don’t know either.


It’s the same copy any paste teams all over again

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I get that in raids. Every 5 turns I get a team of 5 man boob Axels. Easy win.

one thing i think thay is broken is i think for yawnslaught they give the defending team a boost to their weapons working on def.

If never seen weapons proc so much def not in war or normal raids.

i can go against a team with 2 greens with stun on attack using 5 reds with stun guns and by round 3 all of my team is stunned but my stun guns havent worked once

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same problem here! no stunt no impair (magna) for enemies! scopely poor as always

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