Onslaught - Biggest Issues Poll


What do you think is Onslaught’s biggest problem since the mini-makeover? In the poll are some of the issues I’ve heard players mention in other posts.

  • Number of lives
  • Amount/Cost of energy
  • Matchups/Pairings
  • Waiting Periods/Length
  • Rewards
  • There are no problems with this event

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Leaderboard for Onslaught?

I would say rewards are biggest issue barley worthwhile…aleast from what ive had drop. While the length in matches have improved I wish when the entire enemy faction was dead the match would be over


you forgot one option, the entire event itself is just bad


Imo the shorter period lengths are far worse. It went from a casual event to something you have to do multiple times in an hour. The daily grind of the game is enough without having to worry about getting your hits in onslaught as well.


No existen hitos para alcanzar recompensas, si quieres haces puntos sino no, no hay un incentivo para jugar el evento.


Agree. Went from playing once every 2h to 30m.

I consider onslaught as a bonus rather than an event in itself, like the leagues. We get something for free just for casually playing. If rewards get better and if matches end quicker it would feel like war.


I have yet to get a single mod. I’m starting to suspect they don’t actually drop and it’s a formulated conspiracy against me.


Sí, habría más motivación si hubiera hitos.


They drop


Have you gotten silver or gold? I’ve only seen bronze.


Had a couple of silver drops and plenty bronzd


Biggest issue?

It exists


Threads over, roll that beautiful bean footage


Bronze, might as well just drop scrap


The biggest issue is the entire faction is involved regardless of what is going on in that thing called the real world. At least with war you had to add yourself to the war party. If I am at work all day earning the money that Scopley so desperately wants me to spend on their crumby excuse for a game, I won’t be in the majority of “onslaught match ups” (or whatever the hell they are called) and if I sign on to see I am already dead and my faction is crushed… why bother to do anything??

The second issue, strongly linked to the first is that you auto roll from one match up to the next. Again regardless of whether or not your faction is ready.

It feels like a seriously broken concept in these regards, before you even consider mismatches in team strength or rewards or whatever.


Why not make a poll to remove it? Nothing can be done to make it interesting…


For me it’s just boring as hell!!
I can’t just pick one thing to say this is the deal breaker. It’s everything listed that makes me hate it. Yes the rewards are insulting, like Ooooh Lucky me I got a worthless bronze mods a few times. Yeah that’s Real helpful :unamused: :man_facepalming:
But just adding better rewards isn’t going to fix it. This needs a complete rethinking.


Biggest problem to me is if your out of life’s you shouldn’t be able to att anymore and even when all are dead it still goes until time is up I played in some when both teams where dead and still had to wait on the dumb timer. Also prizes blow


Match making is #1.

Cleared phase 1 for first 6 hrs and fell 2 games behind (100-200k) with no control over it. At that point damage is done and there is no way to make it up.

Maybe this is an edge case, but after a shitty 6v6 crw while being in diamond 4, this was another extremely negative experience. Again completely out of our control. I don’t mind losing, I do mind technical issues determining the outcome.

Other than that I like the refreshing change of pass and think the battle strategy would be more meanful if the surviving bonus was removed. The surviving bonus is as much as your team scores in a round which negative alot of the battle score / bonus points severity.


If it wasn’t like this… It would just be war with alot more targets and no camp respawns.

The goal is clearly a pace change and diversified game play experience (no rush, default weapon, at).

If for instance you made it so players couldn’t atk, it’s would be a speed race. This would negate the bonus pts aspect of the game play which takes more time, planning, and longer battle time to achieve.