Onsalught Search

Any one matched in Onslaught yet? We have just been spinning for 20 minutes


nope…seems like the search is broken

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Same. Still searching

Same. Good luck with 1000 battles :confused:

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Same boat. Creative way to avoid giving out rewards

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matched quickly

Same here

Nope still not matching.

Ditto. Still waiting for a match.

Still searching, one more great work SCOPLAY

30 mins in and still no matches. This seems a bit unfair for rankings and points. @ForumAdmin


Still searching

Still no matchup either. #fixyourgame

Still searching in 2 regions

‘May increase some faction’s search times’ in an effort to ‘standardise wait times’. So if every faction waits 1 day for a match, every faction equal lol


hoo ray for searching.

Still waiting. And like assholes they dangle those collectibles at us knowing we are gonna have a hard time getting them cuz they increased our wait time.

This company drives me fkn insane


Search circle of death.

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It took forever but we finally found a match. It was not a good match at all the other team had no decent teams available and was over in about five minutes. I think the matchmaking might be broken.

That’s it Sinned, complain complain complain. Always the same from you

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