Only thing worse than Onslaught Rewards

Is not getting the advertised Onslaught Rewards:

Where are the Seasons tokens that were advertised?


I believe those were faction trophies… Basically worthless


Yes you’re right. Silly me


Fück those rewards though


Rewards for onslaught suck. They should be comparable to faction raid rewards.

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And milestones are needed. No incentive to fight, just drop in and out when you can


silly me, i thought the only thing worse than onslaught rewards is the event itself. #shouldofhadwintertokendrops

It’s not like onslaught requires you to have x amount on ro start like war nor do you have to be alive to attack. It’s something to do. Do your attacks,.get some mods, and some benidicts…you get leagues tokens and mods for raiding no biggie either way.


I had fun onslaught got to try out new attack teams etc if I lost no biggie etc. got ton bronze mods I scrapped. About 4K gear tokens got me some Burt’s with! Help me level up my new winter Richard I got from the winter tokens. This game is rocking why all the fuss

This forum like gaggle or grumpy old men. You hand them 100 and they complain about how they should get more then just a hundred cuz they are old. Relics of a time past when 5stars were good and so was Scopley and they had to walk up hill to school both ways. Maybe time for the dinosaurs to become extinct let the innocents flourish to 7s and then my generation become the grumpy old men.

Actually enjoyed onslaughter this time I got a 4 gold mods and half full of bronze mods that I sold and some league silver trophies. They just need to add milestones

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