Only one timer...for the offer


Just noticed there is only one 24h timer on this funny new crate - I like this way.
The timer on the offer before was also 24h, I find it just worth mentioning that this is an improvement.


The crate is horrible though, although 1 time long timers would be ideal to the trickery 4 hours ones they think we don’t realize is going to be up for 24 hrs repeated…


The crate is horrible. I’d only consider it if it was half the price…OR… contained canteen and gps… OR… was accurately described. It currently reads “Chances to obtain 8250 coin” which to me would mean more of those coin bags in the offer, not ONE. The single bag in the offer gives players ONE chance at 8250 coin… not chances.


You know nobody is getting those 8000 coins. Would be an amazing deal if it was 8200 coins plus the rest.