Only fix for tanky defense teams

Ok I’m tired of getting defended when all my team is still alive and the other team is either full health with an extra bar of hp or half dead or one annoying toon that won’t die. With all these new toons (revive,heal bonus hp) it’s pretty easy to put together a tank team that will take forever to kill or getting u annoyed enough to flee battle(can’t tell u how many times I fled battles in war. I’m suggesting that scopely implements a raid system where the most damage wins the battle after timeout or most toons left wins or something. Having two shields with two+ revives and healers + bonus hp toons in defense isn’t sexy anymore


Yes i like this idea. It sucks when its a timeout and all your people are alive but you still lose.

Raise your DPS as much as you can (Green Heath wrecks defenses). Use a decap. Put a trait advantage on this decap. Enjoy.

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Yeah I raid with heath but if they have two bars of health plus a df buff it’s useless. Definitely need more decaps tho

Sandy is a massive damage dealer, hope you got her on road rage event :innocent:

There are plenty of counters to beat those tanky revive+human shield teams out there: disarm, decapitate, focus, def debuff, attack buff, heal reduce, rush control (stun, confuse, impair, taunt, AP down). Timeout teams put out very little damage, so you easily bring in 5 stars to get some of these. Kate is extremely useful for example.

It also wouldn’t make sense to make wins based on damage. You can just do a bunch of damage early then wait for the battle to timeout 3 minutes later.


Of course scopely can implement some mechanism to stop that abuse sure they’re not stupid. And even tho you’ve mentioned all these lovely counters please show me a toon with heal reduction decap disarm impair all in one cause I’m pretty sure u won’t be able to have all those skills among 5 toon. well ig you’ll come close if u spend a lot.

Scopely already has trouble stopping some of the abuse that already happens.

And no obviously you can’t have all of the counters in one single team. Fortunately you only need a handful of them to build an effective anti-timeout team.

You can have Tyreese with an impair weapon. Two in one. Same goes for any green with stun or any red with AP down.

What a lazy fix, no thanks. Work on team composition until you can win

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Who’s mans is this

Probably have Alice and alpha . But anyways

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Hmm? Second hmm to satisfy word count?

Well, I have only one not f2p character (ok, it’s harper and she is really badass) and i win almost every fight… just be more efficient on your team build, with all the characters gave by scopely these times everybody can make great offensive teams.

So, you just hit 5 times and if you did more damage than they do in the return fire, you wait for time out and win? Nah.


Lady geek does your defense team consist of 2 guardians and a command. Smm

Quite a few toons who have more than one of those counters

  1. Red lori ( focus, nuet, attack buff, impair )
  2. Jerimiah (recover confuse, 70 def down and 70 def for you)
  3. Green garrett ( heal reduction, taunt, stun on attack)
  4. Kate (focus to all, heal over 2x, buff, abs defense and tenacity )
  5. Green heath (attack buff, defense, command, stun on attack or ap down)
    6.Yellow carson (attack down defense down, abs defense weapon or ap knife )
    7 yellow joshua has ( recover stun i believe, heal reductions for 2 turns to a line )
  6. Yellow connor (defense down, focus, abs defense)and so many more. Maim iz also a good tactic. Quite a few toons have maim that are available or have been. Mckenzie and green gabreillecan cure this but i typically have them locked down. Got outside the normal and be creative

Waiting for all the people who can raid any team and beat them in 2 moves to post their videos. :+1:

It would help the community to see the non-promo teams take down these bore-fest defenses. The whales won’t show us their super-double-secret attack teams, let’s see the dumbed down but equally effective ones.

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This is my Gabe/Carl team. Easily attainable for f2p.

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Any good player can make a team with decap sandy that was just avaialble and beat most teams. It might take you 6 or 9 turns but sandy hits like a truck.