Only few would benefit from the mittens event

P2W mostly don’t like any of the new ascendables. Many older f2p either have them already or have better toons by now to appreciate them. So that mostly leaves newer f2p who could actually benefit from them and they can’t get them either because of unrealistic milestones for us.

I’m f2p in a 2 month old region and it seems very few are participating on this event. Even mild-moderate spenders doesn’t seem to bother trying for the lvl up milestone. Majority of the region is below player lvl 40 so they won’t have enough energy to farm for training even using refills. I’m lvl 71 and I don’t think i can keep up either and reach the 1.25m milestone more times. You would need four 5* tier 4 or 6* tier 3 ready at lvl 1 to achieve 1.25m milestone each time, newer f2p don’t have that many characters.

Overall the event is disappointing so far. I do appreciate and would love to have these characters. Just hope scopely does something about it.


We need gear for the level ups and there is none! The league store has done jack squat to actually help alleviate the gear shortage. I don’t even want to start on the raids with multiple revives and multiple shields. I’m so sick of this game. I’ve been playing for 3 years and I’ve had it. They don’t give 2 turds what the f2p want or need that’s been proven time and time again. It’s always some placation and keep surviving. Well it’s time to survive elsewhere now for me I’m done, suggest the same


Maybe this is a hint that you should save for the next event and skip this one?

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I agree these mittens are an absolute joke and the fact they kept the exact same milestones despite the massive outcry just shows how out of touch and little a shit they give about the community.
These toons ONLY benefit newer players, they don’t benefit the Veterans, the P2W crowd or anyone that has a full 6* squad atm.
They solely benefit the newer players who can’t actually hit the milestones you require for them to actually complete the collections. It needs lowering majorly, we need a roadmap and a stash that gives chances at the mittens.
Stop constantly ■■■■■■■ catering to the P2P crowd when they DONT WANT THESE TRASH TOONS!
Fuck me Scopely, you selfish, arrogant, money grubbing cunts


Maggie seems only decent from this pile of tra… toons. They are mediocre. But still i dont care :wink:
oh and stop crying, it wont help you. Quit it or deal with it. :wink:


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