Only double drop leads produce crates in elite rare gear map


This has been bugging me for a while. When farming the last stage of elite rare gear, you have to use double drop leads to get crates. I have been farming the crap out of this roadmap and once my faction supporters are used up, I only get crates on about 1 out of every 4-5 runs. Tokens rarely yield crates as well. But, when doing the ultra rare gear map (which is “rarer” gear) tokens will give crates EVERY time. Anyone else get irritated by this as well?


Hate it. Makes me wanna kick stuff.



it has been like that and raised on this forum for what… 3-4months maybe ?


.Edit: Ok I checked and it’s working fine for me with or without drop leads I seem to get a crate every other try or so.Maybe should report this as a bug for some users.


As others have said, this ultimate roadmap rarely drops. The easiest ways to remember if the gear roadmap is farmable is to remember stages 7 and 8 are farmable (ultimate has 6; others have 8) or remember human stages are the farmable ones.


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