Only 30$ For 2 war cans!


Both of these for the same price at the same time, another example of scopely logic


Broken for me


Anyone have the offer on the left?
Curious what the price is.
1 billion?


Seeing as how they value bennys and its 20 cans (max drop for the crate of garbage luck), maybe $100?


Look at the one on the right. Complete fucking joke


seriously ppl buy that sh…t ¿ loool


It literally doesn’t list the price.
Click on it and it errors.


Here it is.

Both 99.99 usd

The Pop Up Offers

Lolol wtf :joy::man_shrugging:t2::skull:


same stupid offer on my end, I guess scopely increasing the value of the offer that contain 20 refills showing the one that contains the 6 refills at the same price LOL what and scaprely move :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Btw, 20 war cans at 200 each is only 4k coins, for 99.99 i can get 8250 coins and outright purchase 41 cans…
The rest in that offer is garbage (except 1 bene)


If anyone is still wondering why event rewards have been such crap lately… I don’t think I could point to a clearer demonstration of the way $copley thinks.


We have started collecting some info here already:

This is another of those examples, thanks for bringing it up.

To anyone wondering, why offers vary so much, there has been a great link to a video explaining that here:

(you have to expand the box, to see the embedded video).


This is ridiculous. I wanna a clear Statement from the Team who is makin these offers.

6 WarCans +4 WorldCans and this other things for 99,99?!?!?!

I mean



That employee who thought of this offer needs to be behind bars.