Only 2 walker masks?!


It clearly states there will be 7 roadmaps which contain a walker mask. Just wait people.


I’m getting ready to laugh at those who said we would get all the masks for free and then come up 1 short while the only offer for one is $20.


Wonder if that beta map was apart of the story. Like after you completed the two then you get a back story of beta as the part 3 to the story so whispers 3 will actually be whispers 4. Then after completing two more whispers maps the 6th one will be an alpha story.

So we would be two masks short.

It could happen


Nice predictions. Now would you mind if I get Michelle while you try to guess whats gonna happen?

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Go for it.

Scopely states we can get the mask from roadmaps but we may need some special items to unlock it. Say 200 coins for each stage.

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Community: wah wah wah we won’t get enough walker masks we’ll have to buy them

[People post in game screenshots confirming seven maps with seven masks]

Community: wah wah wah the last roadmaps will probably be premium to access them

Just have some damn patience. It might well be premium (it won’t) but whining about it won’t change anything anyway.


If we’re doing predictions, might as well say you have to delete your account if you want Michelle!

Look how fun unsubstantiated assumptions are!


Mask 3 roadmap just became available…

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