Only 2 limited time territories?

Before it was 5 or 6, so why so few now? Just another slap in the face of the non spending players. What a joke. Scopley really cares about its players.


Thanks for launching it after I had been whittling down and defending other territories all day and had 84 inactive characters Scopez :+1:

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Yes, scopely was monitoring your account and waiting for the exact moment to launch it :joy::joy::joy:


Oh most definitely

This is silly! Should be 6 at absolute minimum!


Rewards are every 2 hours now, thought it was every hour before.

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It was.

yes we fight over 435 and a lilith/ulysses

Is it even that many? I thought it’d be 420 or 385.

24 hour/2 times 35 so 12x35 equal to 420

Sooo we just lost our tt because game kicked all our teams and it went contested. Almost 2h of changing teams for nothing.
FU very much Scopely :fu:

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in my region only the two biggest factions will win, the rest don’t have enough players to fight

Why always the backwards step Scopely. Come on now. You might as well just inbox the top facs the rewards and save the programming hassle.

Open all…


Please do I don’t want to have to reload my teams every hour…

They are too lazy to code it so only one faction can hold only 1 at a time. Doing it this way they are hoping that more will attack, which doesn’t help the majority with the empty buckets and no characters to take out the unicorn teams.

I don’t mind a faction holding several. Low defences will trigger more factions of all sizes to try and seize the opportunity. A guy with modest 6*s in a Rank 7 faction isn’t going to touch a 200k defended territory. Throw a carrot already

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What a d!(k move scopes.

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It’s not lazy to code. If they have 6 territories open, less fighting and canning. Two will be lots of cans to get over that final push from numerous factions.

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There’ll be even less fighting once the top facs reach S-Class then no-one can hit them. All because they still don’t have them in milestones

Ehhhh it’s harder to defend territories. Can kill two toons at a time.

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