Only 1 region is showing

I have only 1 region in regions. Its York. Any help

Your region is locked. Wait a few months

York is a new region, maybe the game still thinks you are a baby account on a new device. Try playing a little longer and then check the list again.

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How long, though? Been playing in Marlboro, which has been locked for a few months. Will probably be the case with York as well.

By “a little”, I of course mean 5 more years.

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You should be to play in other regions too. My region being locked hasn’t stopped me from playing in other places too.

Can’t, it’s been locked for a while and there hasn’t been any news on it ever opening.

What? You can’t transfer your existing team out but you can start a new team in a second region and play in both. You just keep going to one region and then back again.

No some regions are locked as in you can only play that region for a few months York has been that way awhile when you open region tab its the only region there

Huh? No, I have a locked account on my phone, in Marlboro, and an open account on my tablet, in Chattooga. Two completely separate accounts.

This I did not know. Otherwise I would have been stuck in newberry forever and given up long ago.

Support told me in the past it means no other regions to play on and to just play on that region lol

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