Online Petition to Change Solo Level up to Faction Level up


It’s worth a shot

Guys, do the right thing and KEEP this weekends events to a double Faction Event as previously stated in the calender. We all know it’s subject to change but many of your core players are waiting for a Faction Level up to boost their roster. We don’t want/need/require a Solo Level up. We have had 2 war weekends and would like to work with our Faction to boost raids/player levels.

Running another Solo Level up (possibly 4th in a row) over a faction is just pointless now, including the awful rewards. Whetstone for 2 million, if anyone was going to attempt this it would be more wiser to throw it inot a faction level up, nobody wants to throw 2 million points into a solo event and hamper their faction levelling further.

its bordering on to event negligence now its so laughable

Who would rather see a Faction level up this weekend?

  • I prefer a Faction Level Up
  • I prefer a Solo Level Up

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i firmly believe milestones set really high are a good thing, it should be there for the absolute beasts who can carry on, the mute point is that its for a whetstone. It really is so bad that they are doing this.


They would need to change the prizes and milestones too


I’ve got two accounts also and ive made peace with milestones that i cant complete or dont want to.

I feel too many people in this game see the milestone and kick off if they can’t get it, its what its there for, for some people to literally use everything up in their inventory, its not the best way to go and in most cases its more harmful to your account to do so each event for milestones.

The problem here is, they done it for Level up BUT didnt increase milestones for Raids, i believe its 2k still. This is telling me scopely has seen something with level up and people paying to get better on there and is pushing this rhetoric to exponential levels that arent truly needed or at least keeping it at a balance

I also gave up on chances of getting Abe on the 1 1million mark, the 10k tokens and Tyreese 1 million mark in favour of a faction level up and here we are without one.

Scopely does eveything on Purpose, trust me, its business 101


I like the high milestone idea, and also agree with you. A 2mln milestone for both gps and a canteen would have been perfect. But hey, think about it. It’s just 6 lvl up for a total of 12 mil for 6 whetstone. Then im 2 months it’s gonna be farmable on a roadmap lol


There will be a :leveluptourney: faction level up tournament the Monday after War Weekend.

Thank you.




It was going through QA two days ago guys. :,(


That means what?


A Little too late once again sorry, We’ve seen roughly 5-7 solo level ups since last faction event, most are burnt from solos and having to keep up with the 6*…just taken all the fun out of the game


wasnt on monday and now treated to a weekend event with less than crappy rewards


Faction events weren’t always known to have better rewards than solo… I don’t really know why you were expecting faction LU to have good rewards. Solo LU would have been way better for these rewards because getting the 250k milestone is much harder without objective points.