Ongoing gear bottleneck


There is a very serious shortage of 5 star gear for everyone in part due to the lack of gloves, knife sheaths, tripods, and practice dummies from the most recent museum gear event. These need to be farmable if they aren’t available in the museum. What’s offerred in league store simply isn’t enough given the amount of trophies given and the amount of time it takes to refresh. You need twice as many of these gears than helmets, wetstones, etc. in order to upgrade to t3 and t4. I have nothing as far as the gear I need while my toons just sit unusable at two which makes me completely unwilling to buy coins for pulling more toons since I won’t be able to put them to use. The lack of gear prevents me from participating in level up as well, the most common event in the game. This is really sucky.


^^^This x 1,000^^^
I would spend more if the 70 coin gear deal was permanent or even semi-permanent. It’d be great if they did it weekly and not so random.


yep, i’ve got like almost a dozen 6 stars stuck on t3 gear

And i’ve got t4 gear for half a dozen but cannot because of t3 gear.

Also even just regular ultra gear is becoming rare i’ve been spam buying from the
depot just to ascend some of these 6 stars.

I’ve got like 5 6 stars on peacekeeper gear right now ahaha hard stuck.

I guess it’s intentional by design considering the gear roadmaps in rotation at this time lmfao.


Yeah this is definitely a problem!


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