One ton of suggestions to make gameplay more fun and interesting. (add yours also)


I’ve been sitting on ideas for a long time and I wanna share them hoping someone might pick it up.

New tournaments

  1. Weapon Hunt

Rules: Can be Solo or Faction Event. Each player/faction members have a designated amount of time to trade in weapons they acquired for Arms Dealer points. Weapons can be acquired all over world map/roadmap and some drop in raids. Different rarities = differ points. 1* Weapon 250 points 2* weapon 500 points 3* weapon 750 points and 4* weapons 1000 points. Players/factions get ranked based on total points. Milestones and prizes include Arms Dealer Tokens* (tokens are used to buy limited edition weapons and weapon parts at a new building called Arms Dealer run by Bruce.)

Why this is a good idea? It lets you trade in unwanted weapons, motivates players to use helper tokens to aquire weapons and helps keep inventory storage modest. Run time 24h

  1. Individual region war:

Rules: During this war each player works with different team members from the same region each war. War rules are exactly the same as normal All our War and Blitz. Players just compete for individual rewards and milestones. 4 vs 4, 30 minute matches. Players get put into a crew when facing others instead of a faction badge. Either Hilltop, Saviors, Alexandria or Kingdom. Each individual war search puts you in a new crew with new players. Two towers only. One for each community. Hilltop (30% Hp) Saviors (30% Atk) Hilltop (30% Def) Alexandria (30% crit chance).

Why this is a good idea? Each faction had a few players that are more motivated to war than others. Each faction has a diverse group of members, some don’t want to war and other do resulting in players being stuck in a faction unwilling to war. With individual war, it allows individual to improve relationships with other members from their same region and forge new Alliances. You can war as much or as little as you like, depending on where you wanna place on leaderboards. War, but on your own terms. Duration recommendation 36h


  1. War crate inventory

It’s been the same rewards from day one. Remove basic tokens and lower supply points and add simple things like legendary medals and tokens or even energy cans. We already get enough basic tokens.

  1. Museum Collections (existing)

There’s so much characters that are not featured in museum collections. Add them and give people incentive to collect them.

  1. Prestige recruits

There’s nothing prestigious about pulling a 4* character once a month.

  1. Ultra Rare character pulls (silver tokens)

Turn this into a Stash. There isn’t a lot of 4*s on there and if you turn it into a Stash that rewards other rewards such as medals or trainers for each 10 you claim these tokens will be a lot more popular. When the 1st stash is completed just reset it.


Create a new building called “History Register” or something like that that adds all versions of characters in game as you aquire them. Like for instance click on Rick Grimes icon, shoes you blurred our all versions of him in game. Once you unlock a character by pulls etc it gets added to the history register. The blurred out versions also tells you where to find the remaining ones. Also add a timeline that shows all significant progress related to comics so players know what the story/plot is and where to find it in comics. Great way to get more players into the comics.

Add a new feature called Ties That Bind which is a combat mod that activates when certain characters are in the same team. Example Rick and Lori (all team mates get +15% atk) example 2 Rick Lori and Carl (all team mates get 20% atk)
Example 3 Magna Yumiko Connie (All team mates get a 20% crit) same could be done for Ezekiel shiva and richard etc. Basically all characters that share a meaningful relationship in one team gives a small - medium buff based on the account of characters that fits the description in one team.

Regional Effort Bosses: All members of a region fight against one mega armored walker. 2 attacks each day, lasts 7 days maximum. When walker is killed all participants gets rewarded and top players who did most damage get extra rewards. Inspired by when Jadis threw Rick in the garbage put with the armored walker.

What do you guys think?


TL;DR :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Why comment at all then?


I like the new ideas, interesting couple of extra features.

I agree with them all, with some tweaking, great post.

Let’s see if scopley pick this one up??


Thanks for the thread and suggestions!


Ties that Bind is cool

Edit: Edit: Wanted to expand in more detail my thoughts. I like all of it, A lot of the stuff needs updating like the war crates and prestige recruits.
Weapon Hunt is a good twist to empty the damn tokens, as long as a kit and duct tape can be collected in the Arms Dealer. I like the Region war idea, cool way to shuffle people up.


Some good ideas, some have already been suggested but they give us crap like onslaught.

Don’t like your war idea but the others are decent.


the last suggestion regional effort scopely had something like that in past one time. Entire region kills as many walkers as possible got a prize , entire region leveled much as possible got a prize, was a 3rd one but i forgot. only prize i remember is some regions that did good enough got a 4star yellow lori.


Zombie horde!

-Zombies in waves that increase in difficulty and in number for each stage.
-You are able to use any toons.
-World energy is used.
-Milesones are recieved once you hit certain level (eg 25, 50, 100 ect.)
-Chance at drop crates with random selection of trainers and tokens.
-Event lasts 24hrs

Similar to Survival Road, but zombies only. Would be interesting to see what lvl some can get to and how many total zombies killed. Need more short events throughout the week instead of repeat events. I like this thread, thanks for sharing!


He’s a troll is why


Yeah like an endless zombie stage? Each wave increases difficulty by adding more walkers and ultimate walkers with special skills like absolute Def and stun? Nice


Imagine a tournament where its like raids with your faction but it takes 90 minutes to win. You get limited energy that doesn’t resupply naturally, nor through cans. However, this energy can be purchased for 50 coins an attack with no scaling discounts. Also, all your opponents in this mode are the same factions who annahilated you in under 10 seconds during cross region war. Lastly, you can still attack when your dead, so rapidly nuking a camp using coordination is no longer a strategy whatsoever. Oh wait…


Pretty sure you’re some sort of “Scopely Insider” with this kind of insight. Be amazing if they had something like this, sitting on pins and needles waiting for this… :roll_eyes:


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