One thing skull gate glitch does

…is illustrate the general tedium this game has fallen into.

Unless you’re in a top faction (I"m not), there isn’t that much to look forward to. The new mission stuff is a breath of fresh air, but without hundreds of extra dollars a month to give to Scopely, new and interesting toons are pretty much nonexistent.

So how about this; free 40 pulls for everyone. Say, three for those who didn’t get to take advantage of skull-gate, and maybe one for those who did…

I think this would generate enough interest to re-fuel the game for quite a while. There are only so many ways to combine and recombine the toons I’ve worked with for months. Tedium set’s in.

Just a thought. :sunglasses:


Yah but if the do it they should let us keep the 40 pull to use on a wheel we choose, or make a special wheel. Unless they rollback people are keeping the coins they got and can use them whenever they want.


lol…It doesn’t seem very likely but I wanted to get the thought out there. Thanks!

Thing is, this would actually rejuvenate the game and give it a far longer shelf life, for the exact reasons you have given. However, there is no way Scopely would ever consider anything remotely close to this.
Unfortunately, due to an effect similar to Stockholm Syndrome, a lot of players won’t realise that this would be completely normal practice elsewhere in mobile gaming.


Haha I agree. Probably not gonna happen but a girl can dream!


Yall update yall game yet ?

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Nope. I’ll check.

It doesn’t show an update available?

They would just rig the odds and next 10 promos would only give 4 stars with maybe 1in1milion getting a regular 5★

I played a game a while back for tapjoy coins… took me weeks to finish it but in that time they gave away so. Much. Stuff. For things like server maintenance, players reaching high levels (they rewarded EVERYONE when one player on a server reached TH 20), and glitches. There was one major glitch after an update and not only did they fix the glitch, but they rewarded us for every single day it was happening. Now THATs service.


Do you remember what game that was?

Pirates of the Caribbean, something.

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Hmmm. I have the new mission system, but I’ll keep watching for still another update. Thanks.

Thanks @rose-LGD

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I don’t need 40 4*s :rofl::rofl: bc that’s exactly what I’d get. Did 25 fire token pulls got 25 shitty ass Brady’s :angry:

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No doubt bro

I see it now. Downloading. Thanks again!


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Yes. Unless your one of the lucky ones whos accounts always get good pulls… you would end up with 40 unusable toons.

Ive dumped 300 b4 and not gotten a single ascendable toon .

The increased chances claim that the more you pull… it’s a lie

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