One region crashing, others are fine

My account in Choctaw always crashes whenever I have to do anything related to a team. My other regions (Berrien, Escambia, Dallas) perform normally so I doubt it is a device issue. The crashes occur when:

  • I hit the “Find Opponent” button when raiding.

  • I hit the “Attack” or “Clear Walkers” buttons in territories.

  • I hit the “Go” button on Scavenger missions.

  • I hit the “View Teams” button in my roster.

  • I hit “Team Select” on any world map stage.

  • I hit the “Play” button on any Roadmap stage.

All of these function normally in every region except Choctaw and this is causing my account in that region to underperform in events and leagues. The issue started over this past weekend. I first tried clearing the cache and then cleared all application data, neither stopped the problem.

I reported this to support through the game and got only the immediate automated response about crashes this past weekend. I replied this was different but the ticket was closed. I have resubmitted it and gotten no further response.

Problem Region: Choctaw
Name: Blackwolf \TDO/
Faction:The Devils Own

Uneffected Region: Escambia
Name: Avatar 《OC》
Faction: Outcasts

Uneffected Region: Berrien
Name: Necron99 《LOD》
Faction: Legion of Doom

Uneffected Region: Dallas
Name: Weehawk 《W》
Faction: Wanderers

The device is a Galaxy S5 and software is:

Your reply will be something along the lines of

"Our support team is aware of this issue. We are closing your ticket now but rest assured we are working on it. Keep on surviving.

Best regards,
Scopely Support"


You run 4 regions?


Hmmm, I’m not an android person but is it safe to post device details like that in here? I know android devices can be accessed remotely with info like that.

Nah nothing in that screenshot can be used to access the device.

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Any news on this issue? Our leader has the same problem since yesterday.

What region?

I got the general inquiry message from support in-game so I copied the text of my original post here and replied with it since it answered all the support questions. #fingerscrossed

The problem is with her account in Mitchell, all other accounts are just fine.

Ok, my issue being in Choctaw I was hoping it was the same. It would be nice for someone other than players to weigh in, eh @JB.Scopely, @kalishawn, and @agrajag

Any news on this subject? Our leader still can’t do anything in her main account! Any feedback/advice/help would be appreciated at this time. Also her tickets keep getting closed :worried:

Same issue, tickets disappearing for me as well. I have little hope for war this weekend and I am having to watch league position and timed event slip away. Scopely silence sucks @JB.Scopely

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Thanks for the very detailed report!

It does feel like a rather edge case error happening here, as I fail to see a large amount of players impacted with it.
I’ll have to pass on the details of your various accounts t our tech staff for further investigation on it.

I am setting on a similiar error for about a month now @JB.Scopely
Support ist aware of the issue in full detail, but I didn’t get any help yet.
If necessary, I will send you a full description of my problem too.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear also.

Can you please list your details in this thread, as I’m likely to use it as a base for troubleshooting the issue? Thanks!

(Player Name / Region Name / Faction Name)

Will do, thanks!

Custard / Tuscaloosa (DE) / =Phalanx=

The problem only seems to occur on my main region. On 7 other test regions everything seems to work correctly. The problem doesn’t seem to be device dependent, I tested it on 4 different devices (Android).

My game always crashes back to the home screen of the device while doing the following:

Accessing Supply Depot, armory and inventory. Saving up teams with characters and fixed weapons and/or applying weapons to characters.
Changing Survival Road Team. Accessing the profile of green six star Lacorator Rick in my character inventory and setting him as a faction Support (only happens with this on char, others seem to work fine). Collecting Museum rewards (couldn’t claim Event Maggie for example).

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R¡P PÄPÄ/Bleckley/No Sanctuary

Closes game out randomly and will not reboot. Lost at least 10 nrg on SR yesterday, during multiple raids/terry fights, even just scrolling through gc/fc, and now have been unable to war completely.

I’m on a Galaxy S8+. Also plenty of open space, no other apps having issues, so not a device issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since update my game crashes alot. When im farming i beat the stage then before rmi get my rewards, game crashes. Same with roadmaps. Fix your junkie game. Sick of the same bs after every new update

Thank you