One Problem with Level Up Milestones


These seriously need to be brought WAY down. Newer players have absolutely no chance of hitting any milestones and now, long time players don’t even have the resources left to make any of these insanely high milestones either. If what @kalishane said is true, and more of these solo level ups are going to become the norm, this just furthers my point. People won’t have resources or motivation to make these milestones or even try in these events at all. New players will feel left out and hopeless while other players will lose hope and feel ignored. People will not be driven to spend, they will be driven to quit.
Sorry for the rant, just my $0.02.


100% agree and 99% of the forum feels this way. Every major line chat group I’m in every person agrees.

Scopely clearly wants to do what they want to do, it’s an obvious and despicable cash grab, and I am sure there will be rage quits inbound. Pretty disappointing.

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At the very least, increase the amount of points awarded for each individual achievement, they kept those the same, but grossly increased the amount needed for basic rewards… nonsensical


Wait till you see the next promo toon lol more rage quiting RIPTWD


one way of looking at this, is that with so many level up’s tournaments these days, it is really easy to score very few points and pick up some rewards, you can score about 100k in most regions and easily finish top 500, 250k will probalby get you top 100 etc.

If you can’t hit these numbers in any tourney dont do anything and just save for the next one in 2-3 days time, hit the small milestones and collect mediocre rewards regularly. or save for a couple of weeks try to hit a mil and you will be in the top 10 in most regions.

Just because they are throwing them at us doesn’t mean we have to compete in every one. I do believe there should be more milestones with some low ones aimed at new players to get them engaged with the game so they actually stay.

the only time we need to be any more prepared than that is during events like this dwight collection, when you have to hit a few slightly higher milestones to collect all of the bits you need. in which case when we see events like this, only compete in any level up that gives essentials to your collection. and only hit the milestones you absolutely have to hit. that probably wont help the newer players, but when I was new I was nowhere near the top milestones but as I could do a bit I felt better about it.

It sucks that the milestones are always so high, and we get these events every couple of days, but patience has always been key on this game, I have never in my 2+ years of playing this game competed in every solo event chucked at us, because I wanted to use my resources wisely to score better rewards in the long run.


Yeah I do agree with you on the collection items, I have managed to get both the rile and Dwight as I have only competed in events over the last month when they have actually given out collection items in them. I know a few in my faction went a bit crazy for a solo level up that didn’t have any collection items in them, and they are the ones struggling to get Dwight now.

I know they don’t make it clear that it will be hard to get these collections, but I have never known a collection like this be easy, you have to grind for them, or hit lots of milestones over multiple events, I personally feel that Dwight has actually been made quite a lot easier than some previous collections due to them releasing about 2 times the number of vests and extra barbed wire than was needed. I never remember that in the past.

Any experienced player should know how these events work by now, they are either a horrible grind and you have to make sure you collect pieces every opportunity, or you do all of that and then get a horrible wheel of death at the end where you don’t get what you needed anyway.


Well I have had YGL a bit more for the past few weeks, but I also have about 20 5* that I haven’t done any levelling up on at all as they were handing them out like crazy a while ago.

I happen to be well stocked on gear as over the past 2 years I have been in a faction that has fluctuated between 4-10 place in most tournaments that meant that until recently I only had about 20 5* characters to show for 2 years worth of work, this has since gone up to 80. this lead to me being in a situation that seems a bit strange on these forums as I have more than enough gear to level up any toons I want.

I appreciate that there is different things blocking different people. I am now completely out of stuff to sell for food, some people are out of some types of gear, and some are out of toons to level up.

I think the food one is pretty common, and the gear one seems to be pretty common, but we have been having a gear map a week now so if you farm them like crazy it shouldn’t be a problem.
and the toons, I struggle to see how people don’t have 5* characters to level up with the amount that have been given out, I know you might not want to level them up, but if its either level them up and get something you want as a reward, or not level them and miss out on a 6* that you want then I don’t think there is a choice. Some might have used these to get 6* characters, but these people should be able to hit milestones whenever they want, so if they have used them all up on tournaments that didn’t give anything worthwhile then that is down to planning.

500k isn’t that hard if you have prepared, which it sounds like you have, you sell your entire inventory for food, my finger still hurts from holding down the button to sell my 1* items, as long as you save your 5* toons to level during a level up. 6* help but I wont assume people have access to them.

What is holding you back from hitting 500k?


The main issue here is that the game economy of Food and Survivors is so out of date, it can’t even get close to what is actually required to level up the sheer amount of 5* toons we now get. While it should be a positive that we can pack our rosters out with all of the 5* toons we wanted last year but are now nothing more than fodder if we don’t have the resources to level them it seems backwards.


Oh I do see what you mean, I managed 1.25 mil in 24 hours in the first of these level up tournaments this week. for that I think it was 2 YGL and lots of manual levelling up. I only ever train 2* characters these days, I find I do enough grinding on the maps to be able to just keep adding to one training ground, chose a level 1-4 training and it is cheaper and uses less items, then after a week or two switch to a different one for different traits.

even after hitting 1.25 mil I still have 1000 2* toons in a training ground, I can’t do anything with them as I don’t have the food to use them, but they are there and will just be continuously added to while I build up collections of gear and items to sell for food at an appropriate time when the rewards suit what I need.

I power farmed 13-5 for a day dropping about 10 refills to collect gear just to sell for the level up tournament this week as I wanted to make sure I hit the milestones for Dwight as I wasn’t sure we would get another chance at it.