One other mess is the milestone payouts in the league milestone section

They are not paying out at all. In season 1 I got them almost immediately this season what is happening with those? If you wait till end of season increase time availability of season store toons to work with that flawed logic.

I don’t think so. The milestone tab is not correct. We have had like 50 posts on this already. Go to your profile and under leagues it shows the correct amount of trophies. Rewards are being given out on the basis of that and not what’s under the milestone section in the leagues hub.

If you haven’t received the milestone rewards contact support cos I haven’t heard of anyone in my faction or region facing this issue


Funny things is my solo points on my profile are over double my milestone solo points will take your advice…And yes I have read some of the other posts

I hit a milestone yesterday according to my profile league trophies and got the tokens even tho the milestone leaderboard isn’t reached. So I think it’s just a visual glitch.

We are on the second week so it will only show the trophies gained in this week in your league leaderboard, since league leaderboard resets every week.

Yea this glitch is cheating people out of milestones. I have 147k trophies, but according to milestones I am 26k away from hitting 98k trophies…the only season tokens I have gotten were from faction league standings this morning.

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