One more war ruined


Yet another war ruined due to that crazy attack bonus from strongholds… If you don’t get the bonus you are pretty much f-ed. And it it’s too easy when you have it too.
And one stronghold with 0% def haha.

Sort it out and stop ruin the game scopley!


shower beer next?


Jolly ranchers for everyone!


Also, my region has a tower for 10% crit, while others have mayors house with 80% attack bonus? Why such a difference?


that is total madness, wtf


I have lost all my motivation in this war. You should not have a guaranteed loss if you fail to get the stronghold.


$copely WTF is wrong with you people. Why ask for feedback if you only take notice for one war. These towers are stupid.


Scopely meeting planning the weekly events.


Ok being serious here. Does anyone know where all the servers are located? Would it be safe to assume the US?

Does Scopely know this is a mobile game requiring access to the internet?
Do they realise by having OP towers, they give a huge advantage to players with low latency to their servers?
Does Scopely even understand latency?


It’s pretty clear why the towers need to be OP. Mods have made this game a huge drag. Without this towers, war would be miserable. #getridofmods


You missed the 20lb platter of pancakes at every meeting



Exactly. Anyone outside the US has lag, takes longer to ping off the server, so US players get towers, no matter how fast you try and get the tower. It’s impossible.


In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s P2P. Survive the barrage, each spend 2 energy to hit, another 1 to stack. Then back to war. Cheap bastards. Think this is me ready for the axe now. Sick of these money grabbing bastards.


The towers are ruining the war experience thanks @JB.Scopely


I really hoped this to be a one time brain fail for the Blitz wars…


Keep ruining the one thing that keeps people playing this “game”.

This CRW has to be the worst one I have ever experienced in the year and a half I have been playing.

  • Cut the crap already with these stupid op towers
  • Go back to one energy to attack them. Two is pure bs.
  • This split the war weekend in two with downtime is asinine. No one likes it.
  • For the love of God listen to feedback from your players for once!
  • Rewards still suck.

Unhappy players won’t be players for long. Think about that.


agree with everything you said except the split lol, I quite like the idea of it


Idk where the servers are, but a faction-mate is in India and he gets towers every damn time.


literary nothing fits in this war… towers are a joke, matchmaking is a joke, every f2p should see now that the promos are a joke.

thanks for this overwhelming experience