One Day Survival Road Tourney


I know that we probably won’t get any kind of advance resolution for this problem since it’s the weekend, but maybe this could result in preventing the problem in the future.

The survival road tournament is only one day according to the calendar. In all reality it might end up being 1 day, 16 hours but we will find out when VK posts. For now, I guess we will have to assume it is 24 hours. There are five different levels with 25 stages each, which if you beat each level on the first attempt would take 125 energy. In a 24 hour period, you would only get 96 energy + the 8 energy you start with. This means that if you would only be able to get to legendary stage 4 on naturally occurring energy if you refuse to sleep during that period. I understand that this is normal for other events such as raid tournaments where you can get around 600 points (the first milestone) for a 24-hour event without using any refills, but the major difference is you can get raid refills from other sources pretty regularly even without paying for them. You can’t necessarily do this with survival road. The only time I’ve seen refills for survival road have been as milestones for completing the first couple stages.

I know the first comments or thoughts about this post are going to be that Scopely is just after money, wanting you to pay for refills, etc. etc. I get that and I’m sure it is partially true, but at the same time give a chance to the rest of us who aren’t in a position to spend just to play the game. I think the easiest solution would be to make the tournament either two days minimum, but I think long term it would be better to see survival road refills become more readily available. For milestones, instead of giving 1 for completing bronze and silver stages, give 1 for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold, etc.

If it truly comes down to the matter of making money off of it, I’m sure that savers will save for their one attempt at winning, forcing those with instant gratification complexes to either spend or lose. Not to mention, this will give newer players a chance to get further into the tournament than before, possibly awakening new spenders. As they get into more difficult stages for the first time and start losing their characters at a faster rate, they might be more inclined to buy some recover packs.


Good point on making refills more readily available, I think the 24 he tourneys are nice because in th e longer tourneys a bunch drop refills and it literally becomes a can competition where people who have finished drop mad cans in a race to the top

Thing about buying the refills is, survival road is arguably the most guaranteed and cheapest tournament to participate in, 6 refills for 8 dollars is pretty cheap. That’s irrelevant for the pure f2p, but for those of us who spend a little there, a little here, that 8 dollars arguably gets you the most bang for your buck in terms of xp (if you’re not already 125), survivors, food, gear and weapon drops, characters, and rewards and milestones.

The 2nd point is the legendary survival road levels in daily are much, much harder than the tournament ones. I’m 2nd in my region in daily and the current levels are pretty tough and I barely ever get through all 10 without losing a few toons; in the tournament, I now never lose a toon. Would be good to make the tournament harder so it’s not a question of who burns more cans


I think you should all realize that more time passes, more aspects of the game are monetized so either accept it or go casual, since most aren’t oposing it.


How does shorter make it less a canfest? Making it harder will not change the outcome as you think the people buying 109 fills don’t have great character or wouldn’t buy stims if they had to?


Trust me, lol, its much fewer cans to win a 24 hour one than a longer one


24 hr raid/SR tournies are the only ones I will go for anymore.


Yeah cause you are the only person who has ever won an sr tourney…


Step away friend you’re making no sense. Lol


SR tourneys are pure p2w, always have been, always will be. This 24 hour tourney is to force usage of cans (no way to finish otherwise) since Nuggets are part of the rewards.

There’s no reason to not run the SR tourney just as long as the level up other than to force spending.


If they start tourney 1 hour post raid tourney then it easily can be 40 hours with 168 natural energy … you can even nap some at that length.


The problem with any survival road tournament be 24hrs or longer is it screws anyone asleep, working or any other thing in real life is that if you are not on when it starts you are at a loss. Even if buying or using saved refills the person’s who get the early jump get the advantage to just redo final stages to keep the lead.
This is the biggest reason it’s a dumb add-on to the game on my opinion.


There will always be someone asleep (I’m GMT+10 so don’t get me started - pretty much everything is 3am) but that’s the same for raids or war. Level up not so much. If it’s 48 hours then sleep/work cycles should even out.
24 hours would just be a kicking.

Edit: if it start 11am cst that’s 4am not 3am - hail to variety!


Can someone share with us the start time?


11am cst according to @Someloser.


what are the completion rewards?


Nuggets And elite item tokens for rank.

Trainer and blue bag (no idea what’s in it) for completion. Bronze/silver walkies for bronze/silver and nothimg for gold up… because there’s NOTHING we could want in that third slot…


Lilith is the most important reward. Aside from that, nothing really interesting. There’s no need to spend or use refills in this tournament IMO, so I’d just use regular energy and take the nuggets.