Once again vk leaks are quiet

Only leak is survival road. And it’s shit again

Rank 1 gets 1k choco cakes or 30k 5* recruits tokens.

So yeah. I hope it’s some more good leaks coming. What yall think?


its so sad that we rely on 3rd party for info. so much for better communication.


Why you say it’s sad? Vk is for leaks.

Because this actually is Skopelie’s job and not that of a scammer site on a Russian social network.


Vk is just russian facebook.
Vk leaks come from the russian community of the game.
It’s not all scams. I have a vk acc just for leaks.


i think you misunderstood. what we can get from VK is something Scopely should announce to us… We shouldnt need to rely on a hack/data mining sites for more info.


Calendar shows you it is Survival Road.

And you didn’t need to see the prizes to know it would be shit.


yeah just look at the previou SR and you know the milestones etc will all be the exact same

shit for a company that sells offers for balloons after the event has ended then how you gonna expect them to update the rewards lol


yup, time and time again why its evident scopely does not play their own game. All these markers and crap rewards, really motivates you to participate.

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I’m grabbing all the markers I can, Magna isn’t going to level herself up.

Regular sr is more playable now for sure, props to Scopely for tuning it a bit. It is still challenging but not full throttle impossible.

Cakes could / should be swapped for keys / cones but it is what it is

Low effort event with a decent payout of bulk markers that would otherwise take weeks to get, I’m ok with it.


I still remember before scopely turned into MOBILE EA.

I remember the free gator event.
Solange login.
The valentines event
Michelle event
(The valentines event with davie)
And more.

Then S class nation attacked.


they just need to bring back the bennie crates and all will be forgotten.

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Their called supreme crates. They should bring em back with a 25% chance. 15 benedicts, 20k coins, 15 gold atk mods, and 15 gold def mods.

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they can call it whatever they want… just bring back the bennies/cons;)

That’s the name of it.

I agree. The reg SR is much better! And I concur on all other points made here!

What’s your in game name? I’m from Lancaster too

Diplow (dante pfp pic)

Hmm donovan.